Canadian legislator is trying to revive Bill 16, to overturn Ontario’s pit bull ban

People have been working hard trying to get Ontario’s pit bull ban overturned.  Bill 16, a bill to repeal the ban, had tri-party support and was moving forward towards its 3rd reading. Then a hitch occurred when Premier Dalton McGuinty effectively killed all bills at the time by stepping down.

MPP Randy Hillier is trying to regain support to bring Bill 16, or Hershey’s Bill, back to its status before this happened.

He has created a petition for citizens to sign to ask the new Premier to reinstate the bill.

Another way to help comes from Hershey Anti BSL Group Facebook page:

The Ontario Legislature is back to work! This is a link to a generic petition to repeal Ontario’s breed-specific legislation.

Want to help? Live in Ontario? Please 
1) print it out
2) sign it, maybe get your friends and family to sign it
3) Snail mail (or drop off) to: 

Cheri di Novo MPP
Room 115, Main Legislative Building, Queen’s Park
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A5

NOTE: You do not need a full sheet to make the petition count. Do not wait to accumulate a big pile, it is best to send them in in dribs and drabs. Each time they are presented in the House, even if it is just one sheet, they are read into the record, so the more the better.

Petitions to be presented to the Legislature must contain original signatures and the name and full address of the person signing, who must be a resident of Ontario. There is no age limit – children may sign petitions as well as adults.”

A printable version of the petition can be found here.

Residents of Ontario: Take action now so Hershey’s Bill can move forward and Ontario’s ban can be lifted.

4 responses to “Canadian legislator is trying to revive Bill 16, to overturn Ontario’s pit bull ban

  1. christine stella

    where do i get the link to print off the sheet for people to sign?

    • A link to a PDF of the petition is provided within the post, embedded in the word “here”, where it says “A printable version of the petition can be found here.”

  2. Thank you for your needed support to end bsl in Ontario and getting the word out there.