Schuyler Nebraska approves restrictions for multiple breeds

After 10 months of discussion Schuyler Nebraska has finalized and passed their new ordinance relating to dangerous dogs.  They have gone breed specific.

The targeted breeds are Pit bull terrier, Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, Dogo Argentino, Presa Canario, Cane Corso, American Bulldog, Chow Chow, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, American Bandogge.

When asked about the ordinance in a news article in the Schuyler Sun, City Attorney Dick Seckman said “We are not banning specific breeds; we’re saying that there are certain breeds that are going to require additional protections (for the public), such as pit bulls and other vicious dogs…Those protections will include the animal being confined in a securely fenced yard, under the control of a person 19 years of age or older, the animal must be restrained by a harness and leash no longer than 6 feet and properly muzzled to prevent biting.”

He was also quoted saying “Some communities outlaw the pit bull and other vicious dogs, but we chose not to do that…We chose to regulate the conduct rather than the breed.”

Breed specific ordinances are never about conduct. They are about the appearance of an animal. The ordinance would have more than adequately protected the community without the breed discriminatory language.


7 responses to “Schuyler Nebraska approves restrictions for multiple breeds

  1. unbelievable, those breeds listed are not dangerous!!! i dont see a chiwawa or a poodle on the list!!! any dog can bite, it doesnot matter what there breed is but how they are raised and treated, just like children!! Thank you so much for being ignorant and treating the responsible pet owners like this..thank god I do not live there and I feel bad for the people that do!

  2. Stephanie Wooley

    They ‘didn’t ban specific breeds” they just labeled the breeds vicious without proof. One thing I hate more than politicians are ignorant politicians.

  3. These are not dangerous dogs.Its bad dog owners that has given pit bulls a bad name.You are discriminateing agaist specific breeds,muzzle dogs on a 6 ft leash when walking.These are family dogs.What if the owner has a citizen certificate from a dog trainer and this proves they are not dangerous ,can these responsible dog owners be exempt from a muzzle .there has to be exceptions.I am so glad my pit bull and i ,don’t live in nebraska.Theres got to be a better way than this.Why not go after bad dog owners and dog abuse and dog fighting rings.

  4. Ridiculous nonsense… that is all these breed specific ordinances are!! They unfairly punish dogs that are no different in reality than any other type of dog.

    Punish the deed, not the breed!!

  5. I do not understand this comment: “We chose to regulate the conduct rather than the breed.” They ARE regulating the breed AND the conduct.

    I would love to get into their bite reports for their community and reveal to them what types of dogs are actually biting there.

    I just did the past 2 years bite reports for my community. Council members eyebrows shot up when I revealed to them the truth of the types of dogs biting in their area. They did not have a leg to stand on!

    Fight them with facts!

    • Indeed the truth shall set us free. Like with statistics we need to educate people with ‘facts’ such as showing them what great dogs pit bulls can be and who is the kind of person who typically has a pit bull. Our own dog is the key to ending BSL and that attitudes that allow it to survive. When the responsible among us get out there in front of those who have chosen to believe the news media and hearsay so they can see with their own eyes who we are and what our dogs are like things will have to change. Nothing trumps a news report better than personal experience!!!

  6. It really is such a shame that government bodies and the public continues to blame the wrong end of the leash for dog aggression, dog attacks and fatal dog attacks. It’s useless it seems to continue to say the same words and that is why it’s time for us to stop talking and begin doing. By doing I highly suggest that if you have a pit bull that you organize ‘bully walks’ where you live. Nothing overrides what people hear on the news or from other people who heard something on the news or read something on line about pit bulls faster than SEEING a group of responsible pit bull owners walking around town with their perfectly well-behaved pit bulls.

    Anyone interested can join us at The Coast to Coast Bully Walk on Facebook. (