Alert for Woonsocket Rhode Island

A few months ago Woonsocket Rhode Island started discussions about a possible “pit bull” ordinance. The ordinance proposed in Woonsocket was copied directly, word for word, from Pawtucket’s breed discriminatory ordinance. The officials who submitted the ordinance even forgot to edit out Pawtucket’s name and substitute their own. After significant community backlash officials had tabled the ordinance to get more feedback and research possible alternatives.

This has been added to the agenda for the March 4th meeting.  There has been no breed neutral ordinance submitted, so we must go off the assumption that they are trying to proceed with the breed specific ordinance.

Woonsocket residents and locals: It would appear that officials are attempting to sneak past their constituents to try to pass a breed specific ordinance with as little opposition as possible. Officials had promised to work with local advocates to create a breed neutral ordinance but have not done so. Please reach out now and oppose any breed specific measures politely and professionally.

Meetings take place at the Woonsocket City Hall, second floor 169 Main St Woonsocket, RI 02895 and begin at 7PM. The phone number for the town hall secretary is (401) 762-6400.

Contact information for the council:

John F. Ward, CPA
President: (401) 766-8743
Daniel M. Gendron
Vice President: (401) 769-4458
Roger Jalette: (401) 597-5790
Christopher Beauchamp: (401) 356-4940
Robert Moreau: (401) 766-3608
Albert Brien: (401) 766-3416
Marc Dubois: (401) 765-7675

One response to “Alert for Woonsocket Rhode Island

  1. The issue has been tabled indefinitely so the city council can set the workshops they promised when the ordinance came up in October