Hornbeak Tennessee passes first reading of breed specific law

Hornbeak Tennessee passed the first reading of a new law regarding vicious dogs that includes restrictions on several breeds of dogs.  The measure was voted on Tuesday night and passed unanimously.  There is one more reading before the ordinance becomes law.

“The proposed ordinance amends current municipal code by adding a section regarding vicious dogs, and it specifically names several breeds of dogs which are included and outlines stringent requirements for having those breeds. ” More can be read here.

Residents and locals: Please reach out NOW and express opposition to the breed specific law.  Officials have said that they are having problems with dogs in general but are singling out “dangerous breeds” as well.  Politely and respectfully inform them how breed specific laws do not work to increase public safety but a comprehensive breed neutral law will. With a unanimous vote there was likely no one who has stepped up to oppose this.

Hornbeak is an extremely small town with no online presence but the information for City Hall is  (731) 538-9626, 212 W Main St, Hornbeak, TN. 38232


2 responses to “Hornbeak Tennessee passes first reading of breed specific law

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    Shame on you Hornbeak, Tennessee. Ban the deed not the breed! An effective breed neutral dangerous dog ordinance is what should be adopted. Countless studies and scholarly articles have concluded that singling out any particular breed is not an effective way to deal with dangerous dogs and reduce the incidence of dog bites.