Rhode Island bill HB5671 introduced to prohibit breed specific legislation on the state level

On February 27th a bill was introduced in Rhode Island, at the behest of the Defenders of Animals,  that would create a statewide prohibition against BSL.  HB 5671 has been assigned to the House Judiciary Committee though no date has been set yet.

HB 5671 is a very simple bill that states:

“4-13.1-16. Prohibition of breed specific regulation. — No city or town may enact any rule, regulation or ordinance specific to any breed of dog, cat or other animal in the exercise of its power to further control and regulate dogs, cats or other animals as authorized by this chapter.

Rhode Island residents: It is extremely important to reach out to your legislators to ask them to support this bill. After the recent issue with the bill to restrict pit bull type dogs on the state level, and the out pouring of opposition, now would be the best time to get this bill passed.  Law makers will have that fresh in their minds when they hear this bill. However, it is just as important that those who reached out to oppose that bill reach out to support this one.

Please be professional and polite in all communications. Reach out especially to the bills sponsors, Representatives Palangio, Williams, Palumbo, Lima, and DeSimone to thank them for bringing this forward to protect the communities of Rhode Island from pit falls of BSL.

Contact information for all the Rhode Island Representatives can be found here.

Best Friends Animal Society has a form to support this bill available here. The contact information for the bills sponsors is below.

Rep. Peter G. Palumbo   rep-palumbo@rilin.state.ri.us
  Rep. Charlene Lima   rep-lima@rilin.state.ri.us
  Rep. John J. DeSimone   rep-desimone@rilin.state.ri.us
 Rep. Thomas A. Palangio   rep-palangio@rilin.state.ri.us
Rep. Anastasia Williams   rep-williams@rilin.state.ri.us

Thank you Andie for the tip.


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