Panola County Mississippi may consider a breed discriminatory law

The Sheriff of Panola Mississippi is asking officials to create an ordinance that would help deter dangerous dogs.  The Sheriff has cited an increase in calls about dangerous dogs as the reason for pursuing the changes.  These changes appear, at this time, to be leaning in the breed specific direction.

According to an article in The Panolian much of the discussion so far has centered around pit bulls. Numerous complaints about dogs behaving badly in public are cited.  What is not cited is how these dogs were being controlled by their owners, and in fact many of these incidents center around loose dogs.

Chief deputy Chris Franklin said the Sheriffs department would obtain a copy of Hinds County’s ordinance to share it with the Panola County Board of Supervisors. This ordinance is breed specific.

Panola County Residents: This ordinance is still being drafted, so now would be a great time to reach out and offer breed neutral suggestions that would serve the community. Offering viable breed neutral alternatives to breed specific laws is a great way of helping officials along the path to a safer community. As always be polite, be professional and be factual.

Contact information for the board of supervisors:

James Birge-no e-mail available

Vernice Avant:

John Thomas:

Kelly Morris:

Cole Flint:

One response to “Panola County Mississippi may consider a breed discriminatory law

  1. It’s not the dogs. It’s the owners. Why don’t people get this? We need to stop BSL and go after the owner’s of the dogs and not the dogs. Pretty soon ALL dogs will be on the list. It’s just wrong.