Tennessee groups are putting together demonstration for March 20th

3/18/13 UPDATE

Citing massive backlash to the legislation the sponsor of this bill has officially withdrawn the legislation.

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Pit Bull Awareness of Tennessee’s Ronnie Van Zant, Operation Education’s Tiffany Gaylon and Labor of Love Animal Welfare Project’s Laura Love are jointly organizing a peaceful demonstration on March 20th at 1pm at the state capitol.

The demonstration will be at the base of Capitol Hill, 650 James Robertson Parkway, Nashville, TN, 37243, across from the Bicentennial Mall.

From Ronnie Van Zant “This will be a peaceful protest. Signs are welcome and encouraged, as long as they are tasteful. Dogs are welcome and encouraged, as long as they are well behaved and socialized. This protest is against BSL in the state as a whole, but focused on the withdrawing of the amendments proposed by Representative Brenda Gilmore, to add regulations and restrictions on pit bull ownership in the state. These bills include House Bill HB621 and Senate Bill SB865

This is the flier for the event for those who want to print out copies to distribute or share online to rally support.

For those who may want to attend the subcommittee meeting as well as the demonstration, please remember that appropriate dress and decorum go a long way in opening the lines of communication with lawmakers.  One of the lessons we can learn from Broward County is that the way we conduct ourselves will determine how lawmakers respond. Keep in mind when attending these types of formal meetings that you are representing all dog owners.

Thank you Pit Bull Awareness of Tennessee and Ronnie Van Zant for the continued updates.

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