Chippewa Falls Wisconsin rejects breed discrimination

Thursday night city leaders in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin rejected the call for a ban that would target certain types of dogs.

City leaders agreed Thursday night at a Committee of the Whole meeting that a ban on any single dog breed would not be a positive solution to the city’s dog problems.Read more

Rejection of a breed discriminatory law was unanimous among the committee members.  Instead, they will be looking at breed neutral regulations that will add stiffer penalties for people who are not operating proper care and control of their dogs.  The changes being looked at are increasing fines for dogs at large, hiring an animal control officer to deal with dogs at large, and administrative fees for people whose dogs are confiscated and causing expense to the city.

Officials are also looking into a better way to proactively protect the community from dogs that have proven to be a danger to the community, like clearer administrative protocols for dogs that have already shown dangerous behavior.

We applaud officials for rejecting the unenforceable and going, instead, to common sense effective alternatives to creating a safer community for all the residents of Chippewa falls.  Constituents may reach out and thank them for doing what is best for the entire community.

5 responses to “Chippewa Falls Wisconsin rejects breed discrimination

  1. Great! :)

  2. The world’s watching you…Great job guys! That’s what it means to be “HUMAN”!! Thank you very much from MIlan, Italy


  4. BSL is not based on science. It is based on fear and assuming. A law should be based on science, safety and community necessity.

  5. Karen Ramsey

    Good for you! BSL is fear based and completely unfair. Way to take an educated look at an issue and place responsibility with the owner of all dogs not just a specific breed. Irresponsible owners are, in fact, the problem.