Nevada bill to prevent breed discrimination advances to the House

In February a bill was introduced in Nevada that would prohibit breed discriminatory laws on the state level.

Initially this bill, AB 110, stalled out of the gate. It had been set for several separate hearing dates, which were either cancelled or no action was taken on this particular bill.

The bill has been amended two times but, through the amendment process, the original intent of this bill has remained intact. AB 110, as it stands now.

In the past week this bill has gained momentum and is moving forward.  April 15th, AB 110 was passed unanimously in the House. It had its first reading in the Senate and has been referred to the Senate Judiciary committee, though a date has not been set for the hearing.

Nevada residents: Reach out to your Senators and urge support of this bill. Best Friends Animal Society has a generic e-mail you can personalize, to target your legislators.

You may find your specific Senator here.

Generic e-mail for the Judiciary Committee:

The members of Senate Judiciary Committee:

Chair: Tick Segerblom:
Vice Chair: Ruben J. Kihuen:
Member: Aaron D. Ford:
Member: Justin C. Jones:
Member: Greg Brower:
Member: Scott Hammond:
Member: Mark Hutchison:


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