Bluefield West Virginia passes ban

Initially, reports from Bluefield officials were that people where not complying with the breed discriminatory restrictions that were already in place.  Due to the media coverage of the ban, many residents have since stepped up and said that they were unaware of any restrictions but they went to register their dogs now that they were aware of the law. At last count Bluefield’s “pit bull registration” was up from 8 to over 45.

People were complying with the law and yet officials voted to institute a ban.

Tonight, officials ignored the voices of their constituents, the majority of which all opposed the changes.  Local media and opinions pieces were all soundly against the changes.

If officials handle implementation and enforcement of the ban the way they did their restrictions, the situation will quickly present itself that someone moves into town with a targeted dog that has no knowledge of the law, or has a dog they don’t think is of type. Problems with enforcement can be expected immediately. The wasted money, difficulty of enforcement and destruction of innocent dogs is not something to be taken lightly and will affect every resident of Bluefield.

People who currently have a targeted dog have 10 days to register their dogs or they will be confiscated and the owner cited. 

3 responses to “Bluefield West Virginia passes ban

  1. The best way to deal with the politicans who believe “looks” determine charactor and ignore their citizens is to VOTE THEM OUT come next election. On the matter of people’s family pets, they WILL remember.

  2. That is so wrong. BSL should be banned itself. Makes me angry.

  3. selwyn marock

    It generally politicos who are failing to do much so they declare war on animals,solution,VOTE THEM OUT they are DEADWOOD