Nevada AB 110, the bill to prevent breed discrimination, needs help NOW

We received an e-mail from Ledy VanKavage of Best Friends Animal Society that AB 110, the bill to prevent breed discrimination on the state level,  has hit a speed bump.  One Senator in particular has pushed the case to the committee that municipalities should be able to ban any breeds they want. This bill may not make it out of committee.


Please call and write the members of the committee today to urge them to support this bill.  We have been asked to urge folks to cite studies on the failure of breed discriminatory legislation to make communities safer. As usual be polite and professional.

You can find information to include here.

Best Friends Animal Society has a form to contact the members of the committee.

Phone numbers for the committee:

Aaron Ford: 702-772-5544

Tick Segerblom: 775-684-1422

Ruben Kihuen: 702-274-1707

Justin Jones: 775-684-1421

Greg Bower: 775-684-1419

Scott Hammond: 702-523-9055

Mark Hutchinson: 702-233-2049

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