Osawtomie Kansas to review breed discriminatory ordinance

At the request of a resident who was targeted as the owner of a banned dog the city council in Osawtomie, Kansas is reviewing their breed discriminatory law.

A boxer mix was recently targeted as a banned dog, after being stopped by a police officer while being walked by it’s owner.  The dog had lived  in the community, without incident, for a year, when the owner was stopped. The owner was told he would have to remove the dog from the city, which he did.  This has brought the issue of the ban and whether or not it has worked for the community to the attention of City Council.

This past Thursday City Councilwoman Tamara Maichels formally raised the issue, along with a panel of dog experts from the community.

The council was presented with information, statistics and testimony that firmly disputes the basis for the ban.

A committee has been appointed to review the information provided and has been charged with the task of making a recommendation to the city council. Maichels plans to bring the committees recommendations to the May 9th council meeting.

Recommendations from experts and advocates in the community are stressing the importance of owner responsibility when addressing dangerous dogs in the community.

Residents only: Councilwoman Maichels has said that they want to hear what their constituents have to say, so it is very important to reach out and express support for putting the responsibility where it belongs, on the owners. Please remember to be factual and unemotional in any correspondences. Community safety is the number one priority for officials and breed neutral laws would go far to creating a safer community by freeing resources to address problem owners and protecting the citizens of Osawtomie from all dangerous dogs, regardless of their appearance.

If you are able to attend the May 9th meeting to show support for a repeal of Osawtomie’s ban please do so.

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