Nevada, AB 110, to prevent breed discrimination, advances to full Senate vote

A bill to prevent breed discrimination at the state level has been working its way through the Nevada legislature. Despite some opposition during the Senate Judiciary Committee, we have just found out that AB110 has passed the committee unanimously.

The results of the vote can no doubt be linked to the hard work of representatives from Best Friends Animal Society. Last week on Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio, Laura Handzel discussed some of the issues that had been raised by the committee and how, through respectful and clear communication, the concerns of the legislators were addressed.  Most of the objections revolved around either the issue of home rule or a general misunderstanding of the bill and breed discriminatory laws in general. The efficacy of the approach is reflected in the unanimous vote.  Even those legislators who had the largest opposing voice voted in favor of ending breed discrimination in Nevada.

Nevada residents: The bill is almost there! The full Senate vote should come up soon so please contact your Senators to ask that they support this bill. After the vote it just needs to be signed into law. Reach out and ask your Senators to support this bill.

You can find your respective Senators here.

Or if you are having trouble with wording you can us the contact form Best Friends has set up. Click here for the Best Friends Action alert.

2 responses to “Nevada, AB 110, to prevent breed discrimination, advances to full Senate vote

  1. Eunice Fernandes

    I ask that you please pass this bill. I have seen in my personal experience as an advocate has taught me that almost every single instance of proposed breed specific legislation is motivated by emotion – a reaction to a single, frightening event. Or, maybe it is a reaction to something frightening that could have happened, but didn’t. Breed Specific Legislation is always going to be fueled by fear and a desire to address the issue of safety. It’s always about the fear of not being safe in our own communities.

    We all want to feel safe. And that’s something we can all agree on.

    I truly believe every breed should have a right to live and not be behind bars. If anyone should be punished it should be the owner of the dog. We all want our communities safe but BSL is not the answer. We need to educate people and they need to be held accountable for any wrong doing on behalf of their animals and or their own actions which leads to an event where a person or other animal is harmed due to the lack of irresponsible dog owners.

    I sincerely Thank you for your time.

    Mrs. Eunice M. Fernandes

  2. selwyn marock

    Well done WTG