Connecticut Governor signs HB6311 outlawing breed discrimination

Connecticut HB 6311 has been signed into law by the Governor and now becomes the 15th state to outlaw breed discrimination.

Like the recently passed Nevada Assembly Bill 110, Connecticut HB6311 has no home rule exemption or grandfather clause.  This was an easy sell because currently there are no municipalities in Connecticut known to have a breed discriminatory law.  Grandfather clauses are often added when a municipality has a law that they are fighting to keep, often lobbying against the law to prohibit breed discrimination.

It is also interesting to note that, also like the Nevada bill, HB6311 passed with a very small minority of dissenting votes.  There were only 4 votes against the bill’s passage in the Senate, the bill passed unanimously in the House.

This is not to say that passing these bills is a simple task.  There is a lot of educating that must be done to make law makers understand what breed discriminatory laws entail in cost to both municipalities and citizens. What this does point to is an increased willingness by law makers to address the issues that prevent municipalities from becoming the safe and humane communities they deserve to be.

Congratulations Connecticut!  We look forward to finding out who will be number 16 in the rapidly growing list of states that do not want breed discrimination.

9 responses to “Connecticut Governor signs HB6311 outlawing breed discrimination

  1. Jenna Wetzel

    Yay for CT banning BSL. That’s awesome! I lived there (VERY) short term last year with my pitbull baby Savannah and my daughters father who’s originally from CT. At the time we were there, bsl was in effect. I’m back to my Massachusetts now since last September and been reading about this BS about Massachusetts wanting to reverse the non BSL law here. I’m praying it don’t go thru. IF it does, bet your butt, my butt, I’ll be moving. Again.. But the reading I did today on it seems like the board at the state house wasn’t much for the reversal esp cuz the Boston animal control went to statehouse late+completely unprepared. And the committee board was against it. 49 people showed for the meeting, 49 total. 48 outta the 49 opposed it. Looks good but I won’t rest right until the decision is final. Sorry for my over tired exhausted babbles.

  2. Thankyou Conneticut, you are legendary. You are helping us here in Australia by showing the world how utterly useless BSL is. We will continue the fight here in the hope that our politicians realise their mistake.

  3. kandy burlingame

    i love it and am PROUD to know thier ia a State that really STAND UP FOR “JUSTEST FOR ALL:’

  4. Thank you Connecticut for being a much needed example. You are greatly appreciated.

  5. Thank you much.WE are finally seeing more move’s made in a positive direction !Absolutely why it is important to keep info flowing thru -out the country as well as the world.

    All smile’s here in Illinois!

  6. Thank you for helping to lead the way to end BSL!!

  7. Mary Lou Scheidemantle

    We LOVE Connecticut…thank you!!!

  8. I introduced the legislation in Connecticut and the Public Hearing was amazing…all my fellow legislators had a wonderful story about a pittie or a rottie etc to illustrate that the dog is wonderful , it is the people who make them defensive or aggressive…it was incredibly supportive so I recommend to any legislator in any state to introduce the bill and I am glad to help with my experience and how we worded the legislation.

  9. Such great news!! I wish Rhode Island especially Pawtucket, RI would do the same. Thank you for not blaming the breed but the bad deed of the people behind the animal.!!! Go CT!!!