Osawatomie Kansas repeals 20 year old breed ban

The Council in Osawatomie Kansas has voted to repeal their breed ban after a resident brought the issue to them earlier this year. The resident was targeted under the ban while walking her boxer mix. Unwilling to part with her dog permanently, the resident moved the dog out of the city limits and took the issue to the City Council.

After the issue of the ban was brought forward, a task force was formed to study the current ordinance to see what changes were needed and ultimately came back with several recommendations. A repeal of the ban, anti-tethering, stronger anti-cruelty provisions and a clearer set of provisions for dealing with dangerous dogs are all part of the changes to the law.

Local animal experts made suggestions when the ordinance changes where initially brought to the Council. Offering solutions in conjunction with criticism is an extremely powerful way to engage law makers and participate in the civic process for the betterment of the community.

The clarity of the new ordinance makes it much more enforceable. This will result in a better targeting of owners who are not operating proper care and control of their dogs in the community. At the same time, it will allow those who operate reasonably in the community full access to their personal rights.

The full ordinance can be viewed here.  It is a long read but very comprehensive and would be a good reference to have for people whose communities are considering changes to their dog laws.

3 responses to “Osawatomie Kansas repeals 20 year old breed ban

  1. Grazie! Thanks from Italy.
    A great news!

  2. selwyn marock

    WTG Congrats to all those responsible for this happening.and helping to rid the planet of BSL.

  3. I love your comment that offering solutions in conjunction with criticizing a city, county or state governing body. It only makes sense that those of us advocating for stricter general animal control laws that hold humans responsible for their dogs behavior would ALWAYS WITHOUT EXCEPTION approach any governing body with a viable, doable and reasonable list of ordinances or requirements that would take place of a breed ban and would improve public safety.

    In fact I would highly recommend anyone planning on contacting any governing body in regard to breed bans or restrictions to do so fully prepared and armed with possible alternatives to breed bans and should also be armed with documentation or statistics that support the viability and effectiveness of those alternatives.

    In the case of Osawatomie KS it’s great to hear that things are changing there. That’s one more down and many more to go but if we citizens approach governing bodies with solutions rather than just criticism we can get a lot further in ending BSL once and for all.