Garland County Arkansas moves forward with breed based law

Last year Garland Arkansas county officials first introduced the idea of a breed discriminatory ordinance. This was tabled in September and had been undecided for sometime.

Following a fatal attack in the area, officials are now raising the issue once again.  At a meeting this week, the chairman of the sub-committee that has been investigating the issue made several recommendations for things to be added into the ordinance.

The first is to make a list of high risk breeds to be chosen based on dog bites in the county. The rest consists of restrictions for targeted dogs such as insurance, muzzling and micro-chipping.

Determining “high risk breeds” off bite rates can be a difficult thing because the true population of dogs cannot be known, so there is no way to know if one type of dog is biting out of proportion to its population in the community.   Even if one type of dog is proven by statistics to be biting out of proportion to its population, the most important piece, how the dogs are being managed, will still be overlooked in a breed discriminatory law.

Though officials have not formally release the list of targeted dogs, the chairman has said that list will likely include pit bulls.

The next meeting will be Monday June 24th.

Please reach out with factual opposition and alternatives that would help make the community safer.  After a fatality emotions run high so remain calm and polite in all interactions.  The community is hurt right now and criticism without viable solutions will likely be met with resistance.

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  2. wrong! most people are respnsible dog owners. There are a few of them that are not but most are, Do not let the dogs suffer for the few that are not responsible. These laws make no sense!! When everyone else is prohibiting bsl, why are you going forward with it?