Camanche, Iowa City Council Does Not Pursue Breed Discriminatory Legislation

Although Camanche, Iowa officials had discussed a proposal to ban pit bulls within its city limits, the city council decided not to pursue such a ban. The proposal was tabled at a September 17, 2013 meeting.

The City Attorney, Thomas Lonergan, seemed to be the main catalyst for the breed ban, asking the council to consider it at an August 6, 2013 meeting. The City Attorney seemed to be relying, in part, on the fact that the City of Clinton, Iowa was also considering an ordinance targeting pit bulls. Ironically, Clinton, Iowa decided not to move towards a breed ban, undercutting support for Mr. Lonergan’s request. Lonergan also cited to three prior Clinton attacks for the pit bull ban, and urged council members to act before an incident happened that forced them into action.

It appears the city council had no data from their own city to support the proposition that a ban was needed, and made the right decision to table the discussion.

2 responses to “Camanche, Iowa City Council Does Not Pursue Breed Discriminatory Legislation

  1. Hats off to the members of the city council. You did the right thing.

    Thank You!


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    City Council members in Camanche, Iowa did the right thing. Please help ensure that your city does the same too.