Riverside, MO Repeals Long Standing Breed Ban

Brent Toellner reported that the City of Riverside, which is an inner ring suburb of Kansas City, has repealed its ban on pit bulls.

The city’s newsletter stated: “The former ban on owning pit bulls has been revised, and the breed is now allowed within the city limits. The new code prohibits animals whose behavior has been deemed dangerous, regardless of a specific breed.”

It is not clear what went on behind the scenes to prompt what is contained in the newsletter, but as news becomes available, we will report on it.

2 responses to “Riverside, MO Repeals Long Standing Breed Ban

  1. Thank you so much for rethinking an outdated and discriminatory law.

  2. Proud of you guys, any breed can be dangerous, you just don’t read about the other breeds as often in the media, its easier to keep the “bully” breed hype going. Responsible pet owners are the answer, not breed banning