Waterloo Wisconsin considering repeal of breed restrictions

Waterloo Wisconsin has a long standing breed discriminatory law.

Enacted in 1996, the ordinance targets the following dogs:

(1)The pit bull terrier breed of dog. (2) The Staffordshire bull terrier breed of dog. (3) The American pit bull terrier breed of dog. (4) The American Staffordshire terrier breed of dog. (5) Dogs of mixed breed or of other breeds than listed under Subsections (1) to (4) above whose breed or mixed breed is commonly known as “pit bull,” “pit bull dog” or “pit bull terrier.”

The ordinance declares these dogs and their mixes vicious and imposes restrictions on them.  Dogs that are targeted must be muzzled, on a leash of a certain length, confined to the specifications of the ordinance, both inside and outside the house, targeted dogs are not allowed to live in multi-dwelling housing and signs must be posted.  These rules apply to dogs that have been declared vicious by their behaviors, as well as those who are determined to be a targeted breed.  (full code)

Recently Watertown WI refused to pass a breed discriminatory law that is extremely similar to Waterloo’s ordinance.  Most likely Watertown officials had their proposal drafted from Waterloo’s law.  Officials in Waterloo took notice of the issue, and are now looking to revamp their own laws.

Alderwoman Laura Cotting suggested removing the breed discriminatory language at the October 3rd meeting of the Health and Safety Committee.  The Police Chief, Alderman Dale Van Holten and residents are all supportive of the changes.  They will be reviewing Watertown’s new ordinance for ideas on how to improve their own laws.

This is the perfect example of how passage or defeat of a breed discriminatory law causes a ripple effect in neighboring communities.

Those in the Waterloo area should attend the meetings to express support for a repeal.

Or you can politely, professionally and factually express support for a change to breed neutral.  Officials need encouragement from the community to know that they are supported in repealing the old breed based law.

MAYOR, Robert H. Thompson:  mayor@waterloowi.us
Alderperson at Large Angie Stinnett:  angie.stinnett@yahoo.com
Alderperson at Large Dale Van Holten:  dvdutchvh1@gmail.com
Alderperson at Large Jeni Quimby:  jeni@highenergydj.com
Alderperson Ward 1, Matt Ziaja:  matt.ziaja@gmail.com
Alderperson Ward 2, William Springer:  bspringr@charter.net
Alderperson Ward 3, Laura Cotting:  cottingel@gmail.com
Alderperson Ward 4 & 5 Lindsay Reynolds:  kittymania8@gmail.com

One response to “Waterloo Wisconsin considering repeal of breed restrictions

  1. In the 1950’s the pit bull was the number 1 breed. Helen Keller and president Theodore Roosevelt owned a pit bull, pit bulls are two percent of dog bites. Labs and golden retrievers are number 1. A pit bull saved a mom and daughter rapist who was going to rape them. The stray pit bull chased the man away and went back to the car and has now found a loving family. The dog was a stray too. It’s time we start to put restrictions and accountability on the humans who treat and train these dogs badly. The most dangerous breed is a human not the dog. It’s unfortunate that the dog suffers because of,humans.