Dover Arkansas passes breed ban

Tuesday night the Dover City Council unanimously passed an ordinance that bans pit bulls.

The new law, which takes effect immediately, defines pit bulls as American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and American Bulldogs and “any dog that has been registered as a pit bull, referred to as such, or that is defined or identified as a dog belonging to any of the pit bull dog breeds.”

There is a grandfather clause that gives residents with a targeted dog 60 days to come into compliance with requirements in order to keep their dogs.  Those who fail to come into compliance will have their dogs confiscated.  The owner of a grandfathered dog must be at least 21 years old, the dog must be confined according the specifications of the law, the owner must provide documentation that the animal was licensed prior to the ordinance being passed, proof that the dog has received a rabies vaccination, and the dog must be altered.

This was an unusual ordinance because the law exempts registered show dogs with certain documentation.

If the theory is that certain dogs are dangerous solely based on their breed, it would stand to reason that pure breed dogs would more than likely carry whatever it is officials claim makes these dogs more dangerous than other breeds.  This law effectively allows for the closed gene pool of these supposedly dangerous dog to continue to live in their town, but bans dogs of unknown heritage, and therefore unknown genetics.

Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the ordinance will result in the immediate seizure of the dog.  Owners face a misdemeanor charge, punishable with a fine no less than $150 and no more than $500.

If the dog is not claimed within three business days, the dog will be killed.

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15 responses to “Dover Arkansas passes breed ban

  1. Sad news. Hoping that Pit Bull owners get to ensure a safe future for their pets.

  2. Reblogged this on Sherlockian's Blog and commented:
    Another sad development for Pit Bulls.

  3. Brittany Falkowitz

    Nice job… you are moving backwards while the rest of the world is slowly moving forward and removing breed bans after evidence showed that they do not work. You are removing gentle, family dogs rather than focusing on the actual dogs that are causing trouble in the community. I hope you re-think this ridiculous law and change it to a law that will focus on dangerous dogs and ACTUALLY help keep your citizens safe.

  4. What a shame. To all of the people and pets of Dover, I am so sorry that you and your dogs are being unfairly targeted. I hope this madness is soon overturned and I greive with you for the innocent lives that will be hurt (when your dogs are taken away) and taken (when dogs, that have committed no crime, are killed).

  5. I agree wholeheartedly with Tammy’s comment, above, and hope that this is overturned before too much damage I done. Stop killing innocent dogs, stop making their families suffer-for the rest of their lives this will live with them, and boy is this a good way to turn people against their local council!

  6. Stupid! It’s the people not the breed, ignorant! I won’t visit you state!

  7. Why is it that the people you depend on to use common sense when passing laws tend to show their ignorance and stupidity when they get the chance. Think twice about who you vote into city council next election Dover City citizens. As of right now your city councilmen and women are racists in the canine world as well as murderers.

  8. shameful ignorant people…how can they justify this course of legislation. how come it was unanimous? have americans lost their spines..their voices…watching our civil rights get flushed down the toilet..please let me off this crazy train…

  9. Barbara Lance

    That is wrong tje dog has nothing to due with it behavior it the owner

  10. STUPID STUPID STUPID Another instance where the city,county or whatever government is……involving itself where it has no business being! STUPID

  11. melissa mccarthy

    My heart is broken for the innocent Dogs and families that will suffer because of the ignorance of people who have no idea how loving, loyal and intelligent pittbulls are.. This is sad… and very wrong…

  12. Guess next thing is they will have to put bans on children… never know which one will turn into a serial killer after being misraised and taught that killing is good. I have owned 2 pitbulls and in my experience there is no bad dog just bad people who use dogs for their own benefit. Glad I dont live in this town or I would have to burn my house down and move….

  13. This is so sick what they are doing. These are our kids pets. How can they live with themselves taking a kids pet and putting that child through this kind of pain. Some people don’t have the money for this right now. Remember everyone needs INSURANCE!!!! Stop killing our pets that we love like our kids.They only go after Pits and there are dogs bitting people everyday and no one says anything or does nothing. Time to take them to court for animal cruelty!!!!!!!

  14. I can’t beleive that they are not looking for better ways to inprove the situation, instead people who are against bully breeds only want to put all the blame on the “Pit Bull” instead of the real reasons. We have so many resources who educate, rescue, and foster who work very hard at trying to repair the damage humans have brought upon Pit Bulls. It should be mandtory for the people who agree to these bans spend some time at their local shelters as volunteers.

  15. darren natale

    people shouldnt visit dover arkansas, and move outta there to show that you can take peoples rights away by passing this stupid law. i definite wouldnt support or goto any place that has a ban like this. make laws tighter to where you make an owner responisible for there animal. DONT BAN THE BREED