The sudden passing of a friend and advocate

Massachusetts lost a tireless advocate, for pit bull type dogs, and animals in general, this morning.

After a brief battle with an illness, Lisa Casavant passed away early today, due to complications.

Lisa was not afraid to take on all issues.  She spearheaded efforts to reform rural animal control facilities.  She took it upon herself to attend every hearing possible in local animal abuse cases and helped garner attention to them in an attempt to get justice, as well as organizing awareness walks for Eastern Massachusetts the past two years, among many other things.

I had the honor of knowing Lisa both personally and in advocacy.  She was a friend and ally in efforts against breed discriminatory legislation, both locally and elsewhere.  Insurance issues, housing issues, legislation, corporate breed discrimination, rescue and training, any time anyone needed help with anything Lisa offered her time and expertise to help in any way possible and more often than not took off running.

The best phrase that applies to Lisa was “take the bull by the horns.”  She always did, in whatever issue she was taking on.  A true leader in every sense.  I got to see this whenever we worked together.

It is difficult to try to describe the person that she was, while still being brief.  There were so many things she did in her life, to help people and animals, that to list them all would be impossible.  For those that knew her well, and even those who had never met her in real life, she has left a permanent mark.

I feel like I can’t do justice to the type of person Lisa was.  I’m not sure I could do that, no matter how much I would like to or how much I write.  So I will end with this…

Lisa’s passion was inspiring, her will indomitable.  As we mourn the loss of our friend, we should remember what it was Lisa did best, fighting for the greater good, and continue on, leaving a legacy that she would be proud of.

I hope you are at peace, my friend.

The Lisa Casavant Memorial Page

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  1. For those of you what want to share memories of Lisa or just to connect with others who knew her, admired her, were inspired by her or who just want others to know that you care we’ve set up a memorial Facebook page in her name in the hope that keeping her memory alive that we will carry her work on and will one day together realize the dream that she worked so very hard to make come true.

  2. Never Give In, Never Give Up.

  3. Sherri Gastall

    Thank you so much for writing this perfect article about Lisa. She was truly a beautiful and inspiring person who I will never forget.

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    RIP Lisa.

  5. Today I would like to try and celebrate the life of a friend, an advocate, an inspiration. My friend Lisa suddenly passed away just the other day. I so wish I could have made the Bully walk that she recently hosted. We talked about meeting up to swap donations since I had to work that day. Lisa would quite often leave “donation boxes” at my doorstep for our pack of rescue dogs at Red Hot Rescue. It always put a smile on my face when I got home from a long day at work to see a box of unknown doggie treasures with Lisa’s card taped to the top of it. I recently got a giant donation of medical towels and some cat stuff that I thought she could use and she had some leftover treats she saved from the Bully walk for us. Sadly, we will never make this exchange. I so looked forward to her visit as she always gave me such inspiration and loved to meet all my new rescues and say hello to our core doggies. I was fortunate enough to work with her several times. Sometimes is was to expose neglect, cruelty and corruption. Other times it was so expose the beautiful things about our dogs, rescue animals in general and our hopes for the future. She was never afraid to speak her mind, speak the truth and be a true voice for those that needed one. Her strength, determination and endurance will forever be a spark that brightens my hopes even in the darkest moments. Her inspiration will continue to live in my spirit & her contagious smile will continue to live in my heart and mind. I am blessed to have been given the chance to know Lisa and will remember her life as a blessing forever. ♥

  6. Thanks so much for including Lisa’s memorial FB page. I haven’t a clue what the future direction will be of the page. For now it’s a place for her friends and co-advocates to post their feelings and their stories about her but in the future I’d like to see it morph into something constructive that will help others continue her work; just as everyone who knew her knows she would want. She care so much, she worked so hard, she fought so hard…we can’t let what she did end with her life!

    Thank you!

  7. Lisa encourage me to learn more about clicker training to help the shelter dogs at the MSPCA. Lisa’s legacy will live on through all of the work that people like me will continue to carry out.