Ottawa Kansas resident asks council to repeal breed ban

Ottawa resident Jason Berve is asking the city to consider repealing its ban on pit bulls.

Monday night he approached the commission, with a group of supporters which filled the room almost to capacity.  This is the third time he has been in front of the commission on this issue.

“I’m trying to get rid of breed-specific legislation to make Ottawa safer with animal laws,” Berve said in a recent article. “When you focus on just one breed, you forget about all the other dangerous dogs that are out there.”

When Berve moved to Ottawa, he had a targeted dog.  The dog lives with his parents now, to avoid any potential issues from the ban.  In the same interview Berve said, “We would like the law to be changed so we don’t have to move out of Ottawa so we can get our dog back.”

The City Commissioners have agreed to hear the public’s comments on lifting or changing the ban and plans to hold a public hearing at its first January on the 8th.

The ban was passed in 1987.   Pit bull is defined under the ordinance as Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, dogs with “the appearance and characteristics of being predominantly” of those breeds and “Dogs of mixed breeds or of other breeds than those listed in this section, which breed or mixed breed is known as pit bulls, pit bull dogs or pit bull terriers.”

Residents and locals should plan to attend the meeting to offer good effective common sense alternatives, and to show support for a repeal.  You can find your Commissioner to communicate directly on the cities website if you cannot attend the meeting.

Thank you Debbie, for your help and fact checking on this issue.


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