Lake Elsinore California passes breed discriminatory spay/neuter law

Officials in Lake Elsinore, California, passed a breed discriminatory mandatory spay/neuter law at their meeting last night.

Citing high shelter populations of the targeted population of dogs, officials claimed the need for such a measure.

It is no coincidence that Lake Elsinore is located in Riverside County, which recently passed a breed discriminatory spay/neuter law.  When a county passes a law like this it usually applies only to the unincorporated areas of the county.  It is up to the incorporated areas to determine if they are going to pass a similar ordinance.  This is what we are seeing in Riverside County now.  First with the passage of the law in Riverside City and now with Lake Elsinore.

The law is the mirror of the county law the requires all targeted dogs the age of four months or older be altered.  Officials are passing these laws with little if any understanding of the effects of them.   There is mounting evidence that pediatric spay/neuter is detrimental to the health of dogs.  There is also substantial evidence that these laws increase shelter populations of targeted dogs, doing the exact opposite of what they are claiming is the goal of the law.

The ordinance is said to have exemptions for assistance dogs as well as “certified” breeders.  The fines for non-compliance $100 for a first offense, up to $200 for the second offense, and up to $500 for the third and each subsequent offense.  There was a bare minimum of media coverage for this issue and only one dissenting vote.

As with other places that have passed these laws, the spoken intention of the law is quite different from what the rhetoric implies.  For example, in Lake Elsinore a staff report stated that, “The Department of Animal Services for Riverside County has found that Pit Bull and Pit Bull mixes significantly impact the health and safety of residents and their pets.”

Once again we are seeing an attempt to work around the California state law that prohibits all other forms of breed discriminatory laws.  There is no doubt that if officials had the opportunity to enact some other form of restrictions, they would have tried to do so.

Officials have enacted a proven failed policy under the pretense of shelter populations which will take valuable financial resources away from the real issues that need to be addressed in the community.

3 responses to “Lake Elsinore California passes breed discriminatory spay/neuter law

  1. Holly McClean

    In most states you pay a little more, yearly, for a license if your dog isn’t neutered. That isn’t unfair as long as it doesn’t target specific breeds.
    There are no statistics that support Riverside’s allegations regarding bully breeds negative impact on any community and this seems more punitive then helpful and is completely contrary to the laws of the state.

  2. disappointing, very disappointing

  3. no one should have to pay more for a natural dog.. and in fact in many places the discrimination between an altered dog and a natural one for licensing is HUGE but no matter what is is UNFAIR and discriminatory. sadly Holly your idea will be carried out in another way “BSL” is just the start.. when BSL is enacted and people complain then the “powers that be” turn to .. well them we will just make MSN the law for all dogs owners so there you see NO discrimination.. BSL is wicked and wrong.. the place to start is by not enacting it at it is the nose under the camels tent. MSN of “pit bulls” and “mixed pit bulls” ( whatever they are) is wrong and should be resisted by everyone. and I mean everyone even the poodle peol..