Potential statewide BSL-Mississippi

UPDATED 1/27/2015:  We are hearing that the committee will not be bringing this bill forward to be heard.  It is unclear at this time if this is the action of the full committee or by request of the sponsor.  As of February 3rd, the bill will have passed its deadline for the committee to act and will be officially dead.  At this time we are removing contact information for the bills sponsors but will be monitoring the situation and calendars extremely closely, so that should HB 1261 be scheduled to be heard, we will be able to alert accordingly.  When we have more information or when the bill is either pulled or dead we will update here, as well as issuing a separate alert.

We are not taking the decision to remove contact information lightly and if we did not believe this was credible information, we would not have removed it.

1/25/2015-A state level alert is being issued for the state of Mississippi.

Best Friends Animal Society has discovered that a bill, House Bill 1261, has been introduced that would target dogs resembling pit bulls, including in the definition, American Bulldogs.

The language of the bill:


SECTION 1. The provisions of Sections 1 through 6 shall be known and may be cited as the “Mississippi Regulation of Dangerous Dogs Act.”
SECTION 2. For purposes of Sections 1 through 6 of this act, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings ascribed below, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise: Dangerous dog means: 1. Any pit bull dog in a class of dogs that specifically includes the
breeds of American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American bulldog, and any other pure bred or mixed that is a combination of these breeds.

The bill creates a list of requirements for owners of dogs designated as restricted and criminal penalties for failure to meet these requirements.  Dogs must be muzzled when off the property, secured when on the property either by a kennel or tether.  The owner must place a sign on the property alerting the presence of the “dangerous dog,” keep their windows closed in a manner that the dog cannot potentially escape and a person convicted of a felony cannot own a “dangerous dog.”

One thing that stands out is the encouragement of tethering in this bill.  The bill specifies that an owner of a “dangerous dog” must  “Leash, chain, tie or tether the dog to an inanimate object other than one within a secure enclosure, such as a tree or building.

The bill gives “law enforcement officers” blanket authority to enter a person’s property in order to check that they are in compliance with the bill.

“In order to determine if there is a violation of this section, a law enforcement officer, at any time, may enter the premises where a dangerous dog is kept, or is believed to be kept, for an on-site inspection of the premises.” (emphasis mine)

This is a costly piece of legislation.  The Best Friends fiscal impact calculator estimates the expense of this piece of legislation at almost $4 and a half MILLION dollars a year.

As more and more states prohibit breed discriminatory laws, this would be a huge step back for community safety, and the rights of individuals, as well as starting a potential landslide of even more stringent forms of breed discrimination, such as bans, across the state.  We saw this effect in Ohio, when their statewide restrictions were in place.

The language of the bill in general tramples on many constitutional rights in many different ways, as well as allows dogs to be taken and killed off-hand under certain circumstances, regardless as to the actual breed or type of the dog.  As usual, we see no thought as to how these dogs will be identified and how people may contest identification, nor is there any understanding for the monumental financial strain this will put on both the state and the dogs owners.

You may view the full text of the bill here:  http://billstatus.ls.state.ms.us/documents/2015/pdf/HB/1200-1299/HB1261IN.pdf


88 responses to “Potential statewide BSL-Mississippi

  1. Karen Batchelor

    How can they still be so backward when the rest of the world is moving forward.

    • How can they still be so backwards indeed? They are still spending our tax money to ban gay marriage… Two steps back and no steps forward.. that’s our government.

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    Sincerely hoping that this does come true. Pitbulls and their human owners deserve better.

  3. Tamara M. Parker

    Please stop blaming dogs based on looks. Punish the deed not the breed. Pitbulls are very loving, social dogs and do not deserve to be punished simply for being pit bulls.

  4. Danielle Cleland

    Please do not pass this bill, these dogs are no more dangerous than any other dog that has been mistreated and ignored, it is the OWNERS who need the bill, to not neglect, or mistreat or tether or chain their dogs, whatever breed they are. They need TLC just like our children do.

  5. BSL has been proven to do NO good for anyone!
    Educate instead!

  6. I dont think this is right! Do you remember on our ms news aired about the pitbull dog that was off its premisses and saved 2 childern in a bee attack.. The dog dragging one of the children up hill while takin multiple stings itself, barking to get the parents attention.. That dog saved ther lives as one kid was allergic. Smart dog i must say, got them out of danger while getting help for them! -Thats a good dog-

  7. Brenda Simpson

    Pease don’t discriminate against bully breeds. They are really sweet dogs when raised correctly. Not fair to this breed. Total discrimination which unfortunately is what MS is famous for. Please change that perception

  8. rebecca anderson

    You have got to be kidding me…how can this state go backwards? I have always owned Pitbulls…my pits are part of my family…That like saying I’m banning all blue eyed people..
    Get the facts…not the media hype…not the misconception of this breed! How can you take our rights away…Please do not take away part of our family…please this breed is the most sensitive caring animal…end BSL..
    Stop BSL…

  9. Jennifer Strauss

    Please do not pass this bill, we have a pit mix, could not ask for a more loving dog. Had Labradors before, temperament is the same

  10. Niki Anderson

    I can think of a long list of things that this state could be more focused on othed than trying to kill other peoples dogs! How about doing yard inspections in bad places where the thugs/criminals are and saving these poor babies from actual harm! This will not end well if this is allowed to pass! My dogs are family, not wild animals

  11. Gail Reynolds

    Breed selection is not the answer. Dogs are not the inherent problem. Like any breed of animal you will have a few that act out occasionally, however, Pitbulls were once bred to be nanny dogs. They are loyal, loving and extremely protective..that is their nature. It is the humans who teach them to fight, and be aggressive. You should look into putting forth legislation that is stricter and tougher laws for animal abusers and the dog fighters of this world. Don’t punish the breed for something that is not their fault. Punish the Men and Women who are making money off of dog fighting and leaving the animal shelters to pick up the pieces of these poor shattered, abused and thrown away animals.

  12. Perhaps they should read this article before they think about a piece of legislature that will do NO GOOD.

  13. BSL kills innocent victims

  14. Cori province

    That “blanket authority” is going to get a lot of good officers killed and the blood will be on the legislators’ hands. Law-abiding citizens will comply even though they heavily disagree with the ban. Criminals won’t give a damn about the law and will use deadly force to eliminate ANYONE who tries to take their property.

    • Beth Almeida

      I’m a law abiding citizen but anyone who walked in my home uninvited and intended to harm me or mine would get shot. Mississippi needs to remember that they don’t get to have the finally say on this sort of thing. ‘Blanket authority’ is no different than marshal law and that is a federal decision, right?

  15. Jennifer Melin Ollanketo

    Here’s an idea. How about you go after the dog fighting rings that are running rampant in the south? Punishing dogs based on looks is nothing but racism. Guilty until proven innocent? This is ridiculous. Science has shown over and over that there are no inherently dangerous dog breeds. And most “pit bulls” are mixes anyway. Be prepared for a lot of lawsuits! The only laws that work are responsible pet ownership laws – anti-tethering laws, no dogs running at large – across the board for all breeds!

  16. Melissa Norris

    Stop abusing such a loyal loving breed of dog. Punish and go after the humans who are abusive and use these beautiful dogs for their criminal behavior. You can’t punish the good dogs and people for deeds the bad people of the world do. Stop BSL!!!

  17. Eric C Moran Sr

    I personally believe this to be a tragedy and will not politically support any elector who supports this bill.
    To single out a breed of animal and describe it or label it as a danger to society is stupidity.
    If our legislators can’t find a more important issue to spend our tax dollars on , than maybe we have the wrong people representing Mississippi.

  18. No different than drugs or cock fighting. If you gave a lie detector test to all Sheriff’s Dept. officers asking if they had any knowledge of abused dogs tied up knowing good and well what they are held for or knowing of fighting rings a good many would fail the test!

  19. This is one of the most idiotic bills I have seen. These dogs are not dangerous. I have been bitten by labs, golden retrievers, chihuahuas many times. Only once have I been bitten by a pitbull. That was my fought I grabbed the wrong way while him and another male dog got in to it. You grab me while I’m in a fight and my first reaction is to hit you. Therefore I should of handled the situation better. The pitbull and other breeds like it can be the most loving and caring dogs when raised in a healthy environment. Any dog can be a dangerous breed. The pitbull itself has one of the best rated temperament of any other breed. The ones making this bill and pushing it needs to stop listening to the media who protrays many many other breeds as pitbulls when they may be mixed or not even of the breed. They don’t inform the listening audience of other breeds biting and attack humans or pets because it doesn’t get the views like the bully breed. I have dealt with these dogs for years and never had a problem. It is called being a responsible owner and a leader of the pack. Look at history how pitbulls have been used in movies with small children. I think this is a dumb idea.


    • allene helmick

      has anyone looked to see where Obama openly and publicly stated it is illegal or ban discriminate against specific breed. Legislation needs to hold owners accountable not the dog.

    • Obama never stated breed discriminatory laws are illegal. What the statement said was that it is not recommended policy and ineffective, per the statement by the CDC.

  21. It’s the owners who are dangerous not the breed!! Go after the owners!!

  22. this is an outrage. What about people who use Pitbulls or american Bulldogs as service or companion animals?? I agree there should be laws about dangerous dogs. But not agains specific breeds. It should be ALL BREEDS. Any dog can bite or have the potential to become aggressive. Aggression is NOT breed specific. As this law should not be breed specific. What if some one has a lab that’s aggressive? They don’t need to follow this but they should have to!! Or a poodle? A hound? Really. Let’s think logically and revise the law to be actually about dangerous dogs!! Not breeds!!

  23. Elizabeth Fulks

    There are so many things wrong with this bill. This bill will create some potentially dangerous situations. Some really bad situations. The state should focus on those criminal elements who torture dogs, mistreat dogs, neglect dogs which help create a better situation/environment for all people in Mississippi. Don’t sign this bill into effect. It will backfire. It will not have the desired effect this government/law enforcement are hoping for unless it is to give the cops better cover-up so they can shoot dogs at the drop of the hat. And if you are going to BSL so called “pit bulls” you need to understand that term, it is not a breed. This term covers several breeds such as English Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, little terrier dogs such as the Jack Russell, Boxers, Argentine Dogo, Boston Terriers, American Staffordshire Terrier just to name a few. So this state needs to understand that “Pit Bull” is not a breed. Also: According to testing by The National Canine Temperament Testing Association, the Golden Retriever, Poodle, Border Collie, English Setter, and numerous other breeds are considered more likely to become aggressive than the breeds commonly referred to as Pit Bulls. While the average score of the 231 breeds tested was a mere 82.4 percent, Pit Bulls scored a 86.5 percent (the higher the score the better). – See more at: http://moderndogmagazine.com/articles/what-it-about-pit-bulls/17294#sthash.VRje9zpv.dpuf.

  24. Please dont do this! My babies love ppl. My pit lab mix gives me and my kids sweet hugs everyday. They are just big babies. And my babies aren’t going anywhere, but if anyone comes to my home trying to take or hurt my babies, they (the people) might end up going somewhere and not my pups! Js!

  25. How can anyone be so ignorant? A dog is not born with a nasty disposition any more than a human. It is how they are raised that makes the difference. ANY dog raised in a loving home will be a loving dog. If he is raised with misuse, violence or mistreated. he will be the dog with no trust and defends himself no matter what. Same way with a child. That’s why we have so many criminals. They are both victims of misuse and violence and know any other way to survive. Society seems not able to deal with this problem as they were never in this situation.

  26. Please- dont just post comments on here…. Contact your legistlators. They dont read these, but will listen.

  27. allene helmick

    We don’t support breed-specific legislation — research shows that bans on certain types of dogs are largely ineffective and often a waste of public resources.
    In 2000, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked at twenty years of data about dog bites and human fatalities in the United States. They found that fatal attacks represent a very small proportion of dog bite injuries to people and that it’s virtually impossible to calculate bite rates for specific breeds.
    The CDC also noted that the types of people who look to exploit dogs aren’t deterred by breed regulations — when their communities establish a ban, these people just seek out new, unregulated breeds. And the simple fact is that dogs of any breed can become dangerous when they’re intentionally or unintentionally raised to be aggressive.
    For all those reasons, the CDC officially recommends against breed-specific legislation — which they call inappropriate. You can read more from them here.
    As an alternative to breed-specific policies, the CDC recommends a community-based approach to prevent dog bites. And ultimately, we think that’s a much more promising way to build stronger communities of pets and pet owners.

    This was Washington statement Aug.2013

  28. $4M/yr???? How absurd….wouldn’t take that much to give assessments to each individual dog and label their dog tags to reflect their behavior type etc. Price for tags each yr alone should support that. There needs to be middle ground here

    • The fiscal impact calculator has been held up against actual costs incurred by breed discriminatory laws and is extremely accurate. It takes into account court costs, kenneling costs, cost of putting the dogs down and cost in man hours to support additional work loads among other things. These laws are extremely expensive to enforce and it is not in any way recovered by fines as most people cannot pay the large amounts these laws levy and end up surrendering the dogs to be killed and not having to pay the fines.

  29. Alison Villeneuve

    This doesn’t work . It’s the bad owners that should be banned not the dog. My pitbull is the softest hearted dog I have ever owned. She loves everything including my cats.Please don’t do this🙏

  30. Isn’t this a violation of the Fourth Amendment of the U. S. Constitution? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourth_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution

    • It is a violation of the 4th amendment. They did not seem to take such a pithy thing as the constitution into account when they wrote this bill, however.

  31. why dont you try to get rid of the violent people first and lock them up and you will see its not the dog its the owners !!!!!!!!

  32. Buffy Brotherton

    Police have waa at more concerns than this!!

  33. Bad animal Owners need to be fined and jailed,this is a perfect example of laws being wrote because of Bad people,and the good dog owners and good animals have to pay because of those bad people! Just makes laws to Protect Animals and this wouldn,t be a problem,and sti to them,Not letting anyone slid
    Europe has animal cops that do a great job going to homes and farms fining the owners if not caring for animals!

  34. Diana Simplair

    A better idea would be to provide free spay/neuter and stop the backyard breeders. That might actually help the overpopulation and breeding issues.

  35. Is there a petition started yet to stop this bill?

  36. I’m not from your state, but hate this type of law. Pit Bulls are not dangerous dogs except in the hands of dangerous people. The Pit Bull has played a role in American history. The Pit Bull was a war hero in both World War I and World War II.The Pit Bull was the face of RCA. Pit Bull took care of Spanky and the Gang in Little Rascals. Not until recently has the dog gotten such a bad rep. This is from and directly related to dog fighting. There are many other breeds that could be considered dangerous also…Chow, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, etc, but they are not used in fighting so they have no rep. Did you know dog bite statistics for a Pit Bull includes several different breed?. Did you know they are the only stat that includes more then one breed? Did you know bites by fighting dogs are included in that stat? Did you know in the 50’s they were called “Nanny breed” because of their love of children? Have you ever met a Pit Bull? Have you ever experienced the love the dog has for it’s family? Breed Specific Legislation is not the answer. Making irresponsible owners take responsibility for their dog is the answer. Go after Fight dog breeders and participants. Pass legislation that would hand down more serious penalties for owning, operating, participating in dog fighting. Educate yourself before you try passing this type of legislation…Forever a lover of Pit Bulls.

  37. Unfortunately regardless of what the people of MS say about this it won’t help. Are government is no longer for the people it is for are representatives personal gain.

  38. How can we stop this … i am 27 years old and me and my husband and kids love our pit bull he is part of our family and i will always treat him as one of my kids

  39. Breed does not make a dog dangerous. This bill is so wrong. The ignorance of people is amazing. They obviously know nothing about these breeds and don’t want to. They just want to spread hate and myths and kill innocent dogs.

  40. Please please do not pass this bill. Pit bulls are one of the most forgiving and loving breeds. They are not meant to be mean or dangerous dogs, any dog can be made or just mean and dangerous. Pit bulls are at the top of the list when it comes to having a good temperament. It is shown that breed bans do not lower the number of dog bits. For the people who want this bill to be passed all I have to say to you is go out and meet some pit bull I guarantee that you will fall in love with the breed. Please do not base your judgment on what the media portrays pit bulls out to be. The only stories the media talks about is dog bites/ attacks involving pit bulls and if one doesn’t involve the breed they change the breed to a pit bull. The media is not always accurate, so don’t believe everything you hear. Please take my suggestions into considerations when making your decision. Thank you from a loving pit bull mom/owner.

  41. Pamala McBrayer

    I have long been a fan of the Mississippi Gulf Coast she I went to college in Mobile. I plan to retire to Ocean Springs…but, if Mississippi passes such a misdirected law, I will have to consider living elsewhere. Why?
    I know I will eventually need another mobility dog for my service connected injuries, and I will need a dog large enough and strong enough for that. It will require a heavily muscled breed such as a Mastiff or AST type dog, or a mix. Pit Bulls came into being by mixing Boxers with Terriers to get that heavy musculature. Many veterans will need these dogs, and surprise, many of these dogs are being successfully found in shelters, to be trained for this type of use. They were already of suitable temperament, willing to go to work. They were not roaming, aggressive, dangerous killer dogs! It is a myth!!! Yes, Pitties, and all Terriers deserve some respect for their protective potential. All large dogs need that respect!
    The problem isn’t any specific breed, but underlying temperament of the individual animal, and the training. All of this is done by humans. So, how about STOPPING UNREGISTERED, UNLICENSED, UNINSPECTED BREEDERS?
    Breeding healthy, well socialized animals should be left to qualified people under a supervising veterinarian, in safe facilities, with proper care. The reality of backyard breeding, puppy milling, and the dumping of unsold stock is a huge reality for Southern states. And, local governments are spread footing the bill for rabies control, destruction and disposal costs.
    Stray unwanted animals at large pose a greater health risk to the public. Let’s focus funds on things that really matter, not BSL. If the state funded spay neuter programs and made owning an unaltered animal expensive to license and own, that would be half the battle right there in getting hold on the REAL PROBLEMS in MISSISSIPPI.

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  44. Please don’t use this breed spicific legislation. Not in this great state. Anyone and everyone, who’s anybody in the dog world. Has proved, time and time again. This method is flawed. In stort is doesn’t work. And apart from the astronomical monetry cost. It descriminates against “what a dog looks like” Americans are smarter than this I’m sure.

  45. Please do not pass this bill.My american bulldog is sweet, gentle, and laid back. She would protect us if anyone was trying to hurt my family.

  46. I was just informed by my Represetative this Bill is dead

  47. well I shall NEVER go to Mississippi again. Just moved our group vacation spot to Destin. Emails sent and group agrees. I hope those with breeds that fall under this bill move! Shame shame on Mississippi . You are tearing families apart. Punish the irresponsible owners. I applauded at your back assward thinking.

  48. Its not right to ban dogs including innocent ones. They are individuals like humans. So discriminating!

  49. This makes me so angry. We can’t have halfway decent animal cruelty laws, but breed specific legislation is okay? Oh, I see how it is, Mississippi. I’m going to make some phone calls. Idiots.

  50. I contacted all of the listed Representatives by email. I heard back from Rep. Larry Byrd. He blew me off and said that 7 people have been killed by pit bulls in MS since 2003 so they and any look-a-likes should be subject banned. I wrote back and asked if he had researched other things that have killed less than 1 person per year and if he had plans to sponsor a bill to ban all of those things also. He didn’t respond again.

  51. http://www.petition2congress.com/5200/stopend-bsl-breed-specific-legislation/

    Here is where you may sign a petition but please inundate these Representatives with call and emails about this bill also. We have to speak for these animals that have no voice themselves.

  52. To me it shows narrow minded politicans…dogs are not born bad they are trained to be fight to suvivor..you would stand up for a child thathss been raised by bad parenting….so let’s help stop uneducated people who try and pass laws that effect “bad dogs”. But not “bad animal owners”

  53. This is disgraceful! All of the problems MS faces and THIS is what they are choosing to waste our tax money on? I’ve owned pit bulls for over 11 years now and they are the most amazing animals ever! EDUCATE yourself dear “lawmakers” and stop using stereotypes to push your own underhanded agendas! I’m ashamed of this legislation!

  54. Go after the people that fight dogs!!! Tighten the animal cruelty laws in Mississippi. ( the animal cruelty laws in MS is a real joke!!) it doesn’t take half a brain to know, its not the breed of dog. It how any dog has been taught and treated.

  55. Think about this: If a firearm owner doesn’t properly store and secure his firearms, and a child takes the firearm and injures or kills himself, we do not just disassemble the firearm and let the owner off the hook and say “Man, wasn’t my fault, that gun was too dangerous, I didn’t realize how powerful it was!” We don’t ban guns in any township in the United States if it happens multiple times either. Firearms account for over 16,000 deaths annually in the United States. So why is it that if I don’t secure and store my dog correctly and my dog hurts someone, I can use the same excuse, get off the hook, my dog is euthanized, and my community tries banning the breed of dog? You’re literally 8,000 times more likely to be killed by a firearm in the USA and 20,000 times more likely to be killed by an automobile. We simply don’t ban guns and cars because the NRA and Automobile Industries lobby very hard with federal politicians and lawmakers. If the Pitbull Industry made as much taxable profit as those 2 industries, BSL would have been eradicated already.

  56. Cassie Grantham

    Please do not pass this law. This is not fair to the rest of us good people who own these kinds of dogs. They are our family and y’all wouldn’t want anyone treating your families this way.

  57. It’s about time. What cities and states are figuring out that by not banning fighting breeds they are knowingly putting the public in danger and therefore legally liable for damages including death. I see states that have banned bsl backing out once they start being sued for damages.

    • Jim, it sounds to me like people being so eager to file a lawsuit over everything that offends them may big the bigger problem. And by the way… How about instead of creating a law that effects responsible owners and discriminats against our breed… Y’all focus more on addressing the real issues. Let me ask you this… If you support a bill that would require me to carry 100,000 dollars of liability insurance and posting sighns around my property labeling my dog as vicious (in which he’s not) and allow law enforcement to treat me as a criminal and inspect my property when they decide to make sure I’m in compliance with the law, then why not better manage your time and pledge for a bill that requires these same actions be placed against these unfit parents who’s kids run the streets stealing and beating on people for pleasure. Have them allow law enforcement to inspect them at there discretion to decide if the kids are kept contained. Let it be left to some untrained officer to decide if your child fits this profile.
      See the big picture yet? When government takes it in there own hands and decides to discriminate against us law abiding citizens, and we allow it to happen, then what stops them from doing it again and again.

  58. If this passes, I will be moving to ms

  59. nice work, mississippi- hoping this is a trend that picks up around the nation

    • Sorry to disappoint you but it’s not a trend that will take off because people are getting tired of liberal cry babies making ignorant claims and having there rights taken from them.

  60. Only dogs that ever bit me were German Shepard and labs. I’ve had friends bitten by dobermans and chihuahuas and dachsunds. Only people I’ve heard of getting bit by pits were people hopping over other people’s fences. A dog is suppose to protect you and your home. A good dog knows the difference between company and trespasser. Ever met those dogs that have to be put up in another room when company comes cause if you don’t they may bite your guests? I’ve met those dogs. Been bit by those dogs. They weren’t pit bulls.
    I have a pit and he never growls at anyone I bring into my house. If I have to put him up its because my guests are afraid of how he looks but once they realize he’s just a big teddy bear then they come over to see him and say hello. I adopted this dog from someone when he was about 7 months old from a family who had two young kids. I took him cause he had no other option but the pound. Super sweet dog. I’ve had him over 2 years now.

  61. This is just not right!

  62. We live in USA .. BSL has to stop… No one will tell me I cannot have my family member… Nobody. Wake up. It’s humans that do the damage not the innocent dogs! Wake up

  63. allene helmick

    Can you prove these dogs are dangerous? You are more dangerous than these dogs, taking away people’s rights, animals rights, trying to make Mississippi a military state and take away Mississippians constitutional rights. These dogs have not harmed you, whether you like them or not you do nother have the right to force your beliefs on others. Remember you were voted in to office by pit bull and other dogs owners, maybe they need to vote you out.

  64. Jo Beth Glassco

    I have checked the House Judicuary B Committee site and this bill still shows as Active. I am worried that it could still be brought forward. I am not sure that the 1/27 posting wasn’t premature.

    • It will not be shown as anything but active until the Feb. 3 date. The way the sites are operated they don’t nuance the status of bills. As I said in the update, we are monitoring the calendars very closely to update as needed but at this time, even the bills sponsor has said breed based was a bad idea and would never pass.

  65. Christie Rahul

    Please stop this bill. This is not right and so incredibly wrong to discriminate against this breed. Ignorance is what this screams. Praying for God’s help to reverse / stop this bill. Please protect this breed and also protect from harmful owners training them incorrectly. In Jesus name amen

  66. Christie Rahul

    Praying and asking God to protect this breed from discrimination and being isolated as a dangerous breed. God please reverse this bill and stop all of this nonsense killing of innocent dogs. Also protection form bad owners training them to fight in Jesus name amen

  67. Lisa Giordano

    Ban the deed NOT the breed!

    NO BSL!

  68. Diana DeVille

    I am so relieved to hear this nonsense is going away. This is the most hateful, ridiculous thing I have ever heard, and whoever thought this was a good idea needs to be fired immediately!

  69. Its not the animal its the human. Case in point: Michael Vick he got money he got into dog fighting, he took pit bull puppies and taught them to fight and over bred the females and then killed them. When the fight didn’t go his way he took the losing dog and slammed it against a tree and threw it in a ditch not caring if it was dead or not. Then what did we do? We sent him to a nice prison where he was treated like a king and fined him a sum which he could afford and then said he paid his dues and let him go back to playing football and again become a status symbol for kids. What did that teach our young kids. HUMMMM that you can get away with anything as long as you have the money to buy your way back in……….. and that includes treating animals any way you want. Its not the DOG!!!! Its the HUMAN!!!! When will people learn the dogs don’t want to fight its the people that keep them and train them to do these things. The dog is only doing what the human wants him to do.

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  72. Beth Almeida

    The ignorance of the people who thought up this piece of insanity…I mean ‘bill’ is simply astounding!
    This was written by people who neither have experience with any of these breeds or knowledge of dogs in general!
    I have a Pit Bull/Boxer mix that I took from people who didn’t properly care for him and he is amazing. He is protective of my family and we had an incident with an idiot who came on to our property, passing ‘Beware of the dog’ AND ‘No Trespassing’ signs. Our driveway is a quarter of a mile long but he kept coming.
    Dozer (my dog) has NEVER been tied to anything and has the run of our entire property, which is 45 acres. He never leaves the property.
    This dildo (man) pulled into the driveway, saw Dozer, all 80 pounds of him, and STILL got out of his car! Dozer barked and growled and circled the man who had decided to take a leisurely stroll around the yard BUT he didn’t bite him.
    It wasn’t until my mma walked outside and the man abruptly changed court that Dozer nipped his leg.
    He didn’t bite him, he warned him. He didn’t tear the man’s pants or leave a mark. 3 days later we got a letter from the health department saying that we HAD to have Dozer quarantined. Dozer is not socialized and I wasn’t about to make him be punished for the pure stupidity of that man.
    Everything was fine and everyone else thought the man was a complete moron once they knew we had offered to show him the rabies vaccination sheet.
    However, I don’t see a problem with a muzzle. If Dozer has to go to the vet, he wears a muzzle. I do it for HIS safety more than anything. That way, no one can say he did something he didn’t do. Once he got use to wearing it, it has become almost like a security blanket for him and he is much more comfortable in public with one than without one.
    If this bill had passed with the part that allowed police to enter your home without a warrant, there would’ve been a federal suit brought against the state because that is an abuse of power, an invasion of privacy and an attack on American freedom !
    Fear and ignorance have no place in the government state or federal and this crap was written by an uneducated (about dogs anyway) nimrod with a personal grudge against a specific breed.