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Gainesville, GA: City council decides against breed ban

Gainesville city council says they won’t ban “pit bulls.” The reason? The city attorney says state law prohibits breed bans. We’re actually not aware of any GA state law that prohibits GA municipalities from passing BSL. Plenty of municipalities in GA … Continue reading

Gainesville, GA: Group plans to speak against BSL at city council meeting, May 1

Faced with possible BSL or a breed ban in Gainesville, a group of community members plans to speak at the next council meeting, May 1. They would love warm bodies to attend for support. The breed ban effort is unfortunately spreading … Continue reading

Gainesville, GA: Resident asks council for breed ban

A resident in Gainesville, GA, has asked city council what she needs to do to get a breed ban passed. Council has decided to do some research with local animal control. If you live in or around Gainesville, please reach … Continue reading

Georgia: Effort to ban breeds reaches state legislature

A resident of Gainesville, GA, has turned to state legislators to request a statewide breed ban. State representative Carl Rogers has agreed to help this resident pursue a statewide breed ban. Please make sure your correspondence with Rep. Rogers and … Continue reading