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Hammond, LA update: Proposed dog laws will not be breed specific

Earlier this year, Hammond, LA, was looking at some new dog laws with a special focus on “pit bulls.” The city has now written up some proposed dog laws that, according to the article below, are not breed-specific. We are waiting … Continue reading

Hammond, LA: Whispers of BSL

Hammond, LA, does not currently have BSL. However, the council has asked the city attorney to look into vicious dog laws, especially as they pertain to “pit bulls.” Please send respectful, informative correspondence to city council. Ask them to protect … Continue reading

Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana Considering Breed Discriminatory Legislation

The Tangipahoa Parish Council discussed requiring pit bull owners to have their dogs licensed, vetted and micro-chipped at their last meeting. Animal Control Director Chip Fitz said he’s leaning towards such regulation because “If we have an animal able to … Continue reading