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Springfield, MO: Task force forming to discuss animal issues, possible BSL repeal

Thanks to Jodi at Bless the Bullys for this update! Springfield, MO, has had BSL since 2006. The pit bull ordinance has not been successful at reducing dog bites, but it has resulted in the death of over 1,500 dogs. Occasionally, the city council has considered … Continue reading

Springfield, MO: Stats don’t back up claims of BSL success

You can file Springfield as another failed “success.” Animal control claims their BSL for “pit bull” owners, passed in 2006, has reduced vicious dog bites. The actual statistics, however, don’t support that assertion. According to the news article below, Springfield has … Continue reading

Springfield, MO: Committee to review BSL

Thanks, Jodi, for this alert! The Springfield, Missouri city council is set to review its ordinance related to pit bulls. The issue has been assigned to the council’s Plans and Policies Committee. Please take a moment to encourage the committee … Continue reading

Springfield, MO: City discusses current pit bull law

Springfield has BSL for “pit bull” owners (passed in 2006). It is unclear what, if anything, Springfield City Council will do regarding the ordinance. Contact the city council: All alerts for Springfield, MO: Animal treatment under review Pit bull, shelter ordinances are … Continue reading

Springfield, MO: City council keeps rule on killing pit bulls

I guess they aren’t worried about lawsuits from people who are bitten by other types of dogs that were transferred to rescue groups. City Council keeps Springfield rule on killing pit bulls SPRINGFIELD — The city council turned down a … Continue reading

Springfield, MO: Pit bull adoption proposal to be discussed, April 6, 7 PM

Springfield has a pit bull ban in place. Though the shelter is not required to do so, it is euthanizing all impounded, unreclaimed pit bulls and will not send the dogs to rescue groups for adoption outside the city. City … Continue reading

Springfield, MO: City Council tables pit bull adoption proposal

City Council tables pit bull adoption proposal By Wes Johnson March 24, 2009 A proposal to let animal rescue groups save salvageable pit bulls from the city pound – and adopt them out at least 100 miles away – … Continue reading