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Troy, MO: Resident group wants breed ban repealed

A Troy, MO, group of residents has approached council to ask them to consider repealing the city’s breed ban, which was passed in 2009. Facebook group for local people who would like to get involved: Contact info for mayor and city … Continue reading

Troy, MO: Pit bull ban passed Troy board bans pit bulls, owners have 60 days to register current dogs Bob Simmons In an unanimous vote Monday evening, the Troy Board of Aldermen passed an ordinance prohibiting the ownership of pit bulls within the City of … Continue reading

Troy, MO: Board of Aldermen to discuss pit bull ban, June 15, 6:30 PM

Per the May 18 minutes of the Troy Board of Aldermen: A motion was made by Alderman Clarkson, seconded by Alderman Detert to authorize Attorney Grewach to prepare an ordinance banning pitbulls/pitbull breeds, grandfathering current pitbulls/pitbull breeds, requiring them to … Continue reading

Troy, MO: BSL in the works

Crossposted from BSL Workshop: At the city board meeting this week, officials in Troy, Missouri authorized the city attorney to make changes in the current dog ordinance which will lead to the banning of pit bulls and “pit bull breeds” … Continue reading