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DeKalb County, GA: County approves repeal of BSL

DeKalb County commissioners have unanimously voted to repeal the breed-specific language in their county zoning ordinance. Residents and locals, please write the county commissioners and THANK them for making a smart decision. Contact information for county commissioners Board of Commissioners, 1300 Commerce … Continue reading

DeKalb County, GA: County moves forward with BSL repeal

It’s taken nearly a year, but DeKalb County is finally moving forward with plans to repeal the breed-specific language in their county zoning ordinance. A previous alert, and a more thorough explanation of the current ordinance in DeKalb County, can … Continue reading

DeKalb County, GA: Opportunity to repeal breed ban

DeKalb County, GA, has had a sort-of-ban on “pit bulls” for almost ten years, though you wouldn’t know it by reading their breed-neutral animal ordinances (Chapter 5). The only mention of pit bulls in county ordinances is buried in Chapter 27, Zoning (yes, you read … Continue reading

Rainsville, AL: BSL passed

The following breeds, mixes, and look-alikes are now automatically considered “dangerous animals” in Rainsville: American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bullmastiff, or other like subset of those breeds. Dangerous animals require a special permit, special containment … Continue reading

Dawson, GA: City may consider BSL, Jan 12

Thanks to Jodi for finding this! A (somewhat unclear) news article has reported that not only did Terrell County, GA, commissioners agree to examine a possible breed ban in February, but this week (Jan 12) the city of Dawson will also … Continue reading