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North Beach, MD: Town council repeals breed ban

Ordinance Amended The council voted unanimously to amend a town ordinance regarding dangerous dogs. The ordinance had previously banned pit bulls in North Beach. The revised measure prohibits “dangerous animals.” The change is more in line with Calvert County’s Animal … Continue reading

North Beach, MD: Town councilor plans amendment to repeal breed ban

Town councilor Ken Wilcox plans to introduce an amendment that would repeal the town’s breed ban. Please respectfully praise and encourage the council to repeal their breed ban, for the protection of all. Contact info for North Beach officials; … Continue reading

North Beach, MD: Council will consider repealing breed ban

The article below highlights two of the many problems with breed-specific laws: 1) such laws are too narrow to adequately protect citizens from truly dangerous dogs; and 2) breed identification is extremely difficult. The council cites a specific instance where they … Continue reading

2013 breed discrimination year in review

In 2012, everyone felt the tide was turning against breed discriminatory laws.  This year is no different.  The following is a list of confirmed passages, repeals and refusals of breed discriminatory laws in 2013. In 2013, 3 states passed laws … Continue reading