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Maryland Legislature Proposes Bill to Reverse Solesky Decision

The Maryland legislature has proposed a bill that would reverse the Solesky v. Tracey Court of Appeals’ ruling finding pit bulls “inherently dangerous.” The bill is breed neutral, and it doesn’t hold landlords liable for tenant dog attacks. The reality … Continue reading

2014 Year in Review

It is time to take a look back at 2014, and what the year has brought us in the world of breed discriminatory laws.  2013 was a good year, but pales in comparison to what happened this year. Below is … Continue reading

Maryland HB 422 hearing overview

The House Judiciary Committee met to hear HB 422, a bill that would prevent breed discriminatory laws on the state level. According to the bills sponsor, the bill was submitted due to the Solesky decision.   The bill, which if it remains … Continue reading

Maryland HB 422 would prohibit breed discriminatory laws on the state level

A bill that has been introduced in Maryland that would prohibit breed discriminatory laws on the state level is being heard by the House Judiciary Committee today. The catalyst for this bill is likely the situation with the Maryland court … Continue reading

Emergency bill filed in Maryland to reverse appeals court ruling

Last year a bill that would reverse the Maryland appeals court ruling that “pure breed pit bulls” are inherently dangerous failed to pass at the last-minute amidst disagreement over what the standard of liability for dog owners should be in … Continue reading

Maryland bill to address breed discrimination by insurance tabled

A little while ago we issued an alert for a bill that was introduced in Maryland to prevent breed discrimination by insurance companies. As a result of the hearings on this bill the committee has decide to table the bill … Continue reading

Best Friends alerts for Maryland and Connecticut

Best Friends Animal Society has issued the following alerts: Maryland: A bill has been introduced that would prevent insurance companies from discriminating against both home owners and renters based on the breed of their dog. Under this bill an insurance … Continue reading