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West Fork, AR: Breed ban proposal dropped

West Fork, AR, has dropped a proposed breed ban. The new proposal is not supposed to be breed-specific. We’re attempting to get a copy of the new ordinance. If you have a copy, please send it along: City of … Continue reading

West Fork, AR update: Citizens oppose proposed breed ban

Residents and locals, please continue to work respectfully with city officials to find a compromise that is breed-neutral. The next city council meeting will be June 12. City of West Fork, Arkansas, P.O. Box 339, West Fork, AR 72774 Phone: … Continue reading

West Fork, AR: Proposed breed ban public hearing, May 8

Many thanks to Mona for putting this on our radar. West Fork, AR, is experiencing growing pains. They’re growing, they lack animal ordinances, and they have only one part-time animal control officer. The city council has come up with some proposed … Continue reading