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Xenia, OH: BSL revised (still BSL)

Xenia, OH, has revised their dog ordinances once again, in response to the recent change in state law. The new ordinance prohibits anyone whose dog is declared vicious by a judge from owning “an American Bulldog, Canary dog, or pit … Continue reading

Xenia, OH: BSL / ban kept in revised animal ordinance

Xenia, OH, has passed a new animal ordinance. Rather than remove the breed-specific language that was already in the old ordinance, the new animal ordinance has clarified the language and increased the restrictions for owners of certain breeds. However, there’s … Continue reading

Xenia, OH: Council to discuss breed ban, April 14

Xenia, OH will discuss a proposed pit bull ban during a special session tonight, April 14, at 6:00 PM in the City Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, City Hall, 101 N. Detroit Street, Xenia. Residents may speak at the council meeting. Keep … Continue reading

StopBSL Recap 2011

Happy New Year! Here are some of the stories and alerts StopBSL covered in 2011. It was a busy year. Many thanks to all of you who have participated in public dialogue, communicated with elected officials, spread the word about breed-specific proposals, and worked diligently … Continue reading