7 responses to “Alerts

  1. bsl is unfair all dogs have the ability to be dangerous all dogs bite bark and go metal sometimes you should ban the deed not the breed

  2. bsl should not be allowed to target Breed Specific, all dogs are not naturally dangerous just because they are a certain Breed. Pet lovers should be allowed to own whatever dog they want to without companies like yours interfering. Find another issue to worry about and leave the dogs and owners alone

    • You seem to be confused as to the mission statement of this organization. We support strong, effective, breed NEUTRAL laws that better communities and place responsibility where it belongs, with the owners.

    • Thank you for this article. It is so sad that Ohio is the ONLY state that has breed diinosmicatrry legislation at the state level. It will be a beautiful day when all dogs and owners are held to the same standards and laws. The breed of a dog is not the issue; the issue is the owners who are negligent and or abusive which is the root cause of any bite/attack.

  3. I am just curious why it is acceptable to put a non-threatening dog in a small, confined cage with a concrete floor. However, it is viewed as wrong to keep the family pet in an open yard.

  4. If you changed the word breed to race people all over the world be fighting to stop this. My aunts dog was taken from her and put to sleep because she was hiding him for so many year, he never hurt a soul until the day he attacked the man breaking into my aunts house. I don’t call is BSL when I talk to people about it I call it racism. No dogs aren’t human, but they are more capable of love and affection than most humans, and I think that’s what makes BSL wrong.

  5. My heart aches as I read these unspeakable acts of ignorant human beings against the poor defenseless animals. To all politicians that discriminate against a certain breed of dogs, It is time you stop blaming the wrong end if the leash! It’s is unethical to act the way you all have been. Killing thousands of dogs and taking them from their loved ones. This is unjustifiable.

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