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Fremont, OH: Fremont council hears opinions on pit bulls

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Fremont council hears opinions on pit bulls

Police chief, dog advocates weigh in

BY LESLIE BIXLER • Staff writer • October 16, 2009

FREMONT — City hall was packed Thursday night to hear Fremont police Chief Tim Wiersma, Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates’ Jean Keating and Sandusky County’s deputy dog warden Gina Halbisen debate pit bulls.

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Toledo, OH: Another ‘vicious dog’ case in the courtroom

Yet another story focusing on breed identification and its hazards.  The story at the link has a 2-minute video, including shots of the hearing and a bit of interview with the defendant’s lawyer.

“There’s a history here of the Dog Warden’s office misclassifying dogs as Pit Bulls when they’re not Pit Bulls.  Oftentimes owners don’t have the wherewithal, or they’re scared to fight for their dogs.  They’re often threatened with the threat of criminal prosecution…” — Mr. Smith’s attorney

Another ‘vicious dog’ case in the courtroom

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The eventual focus of this case – just what is a Pit Bull?

Toledo’s Pit Bull or Vicious Dog Law has been the focus of numerous court cases, and another one is now moving through the system. The eventual focus of this case is just what is a Pit Bull?

Three dogs are being held at the warden’s office. The owner claims they’re Cane Corsos, not Pit Bulls. The dog warden disagrees. Today’s hearing was to decide if the dogs have to stay here while the case moves through the court system.

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Kitchener, ON, Canada: Dog owner pleads case to save pet’s life

Dog owner pleads case to save pet’s life

October 14, 2009

By Terry Pender, Record staff

KITCHENER — […] Carroll told the committee the lab traits in Charlie are stronger than the Pit Bull traits. Carroll also said Charlie appeared to be friendly.

But mainly because of the size of the dog’s head Carroll designated Charlie a Pit Bull-like animal that was banned and would have to be destroyed.

[…] “Based on the evidence the committee is rescinding the designation which means you are free to license your dog, no restrictions. Thanks you every one,” Lawrence said.[…]

The whole process has left Simpson shaking his head.

“Because they didn’t like the size of his head they wanted to kill him,” Simpson said.[…]

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Senath, MO: Defending the family pet … [Ban defeated]

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Senath already has (unenforced) BSL defining Pit Bulls as “dangerous dogs,” with requirements about escape-proof kenneling, and perhaps muzzling in public.  The defeated amendment to Senath’s “Dangerous Dog” law apparently would have added an outright ban.

Defending the family pet …

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Joshua Payne

Owners voice concern over proposed pit bull ban in city limits

Several residents of Senath attended the Senath City Council meeting in support of keeping their family pets, which would be taken from the homes as stated in a recently proposed ordinance banning pit bulls from the City of Senath.

[…] The council decided to postpone the passing of a new ordinance and attempt to fix the problem by more strictly enforcing the current dangerous dog ordinance.[…]

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Dandridge, TN: BSL not passed, City Council to start over

Previous articles on Dandridge, TN:

The second article seems to indicate that a breed-specific ban may yet be passed.

Pit Bull ban fails at Dandridge council meeting

Posted: Oct 13, 2009 8:45 PM

DANDRIDGE (WATE) — The Dandridge City Council rejected a proposed ban on pit bulls and will start from square one on the issue.[…]

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(A a one-minute video story at the following link includes several seconds footage from the meeting.)

Pit bull owners celebrate temporary victory against ban

Some pet owners are celebrating a victory, but it may be short-lived since a townwide pit bull ban is still a possibility.

Jim Matheny Updated: 10/14/2009 1:08:18 AM Posted: 10/13/2009 9:01:16 PM

After listening to more than an hour of passionate pleas from pit bull owners Tuesday night, the Dandridge Board of Aldermen voted to ditch its proposed regulation on pit bulls and start over from scratch.

Tuesday night was the third and final reading of the proposed regulation that would have banned any new pit bulls within town limits. The regulations would have also required owners of existing pit bull to obtain at least $50,000 of liability insurance.

Read previous WBIR story from September 15 for full details.[…]

Pit Bull ban fails at Dandridge council meetingPit Bull ban fails at Dandridge council meeting

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Denver, CO: Dog owner challenges Denver’s pit bull evaluation and wins

(The 3-minute video at that link gives more detail, including several seconds speech from Linda Hart, one of the dog experts who testified about the breed ID mistake made by Denver’s “experts.”  The dog in the case is also shown for several seconds.)

Dog owner challenges Denver’s pit bull evaluation and wins

By Julie Hayden KDVR Denver

October 9, 2009

[…] The city uses three experts to evaluate the dogs and determine whether they are predominantly pit bull.[…]

The hearing officer ruled the dog owner’s experts were right, and the City’s experts were wrong.[…]

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Clairton, PA: Clairton City Council Meets Over Pit Bull Problem

A similar story — “Clairton Task Force Will Sink Teeth Into Dog Problems” — at (with a 2-minute video) downplays breed specificity.

Contact info for city officials:
City of Clairton, 551 Ravensburg Blvd., Clairton, PA 15025

Remember: BSL is already in place in Clairton. Correspondence should seek to educate about the flaws with their current system, suggestions for a better ordinance, and to dissuade from a breed ban.

Clairton City Council Meets Over Pit Bull Problem

Oct 9, 2009 1:50 pm US/Eastern

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) ― […] Meanwhile, the city of Clairton is beginning to crack down on pit bull and other dog owners.

“We have not really been pushing this ordinance, but it’s time that we start getting strict with the ordnance,” said Clairton Mayor Domenic Virgona. “Everyone having a dangerous dog such as a pit bull and Rottweiler and so on must register their dog with the city of Clairton. They must also be on a leash and if they’re going to walk the dog on the street, it must be muzzled.”

Also, the mayor says that anyone who disobeys that ordnance will face a $500 fine. The mayor also says that a ban on pit bulls in the future is not out of the question.[…]

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