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Ceredo, WV: Pit Bull Ban Debated in Ceredo (proposal to repeal)

Contact information for Ceredo city officials:
Main and B Streets, Ceredo, WV 25507-0691
Fax: 304-453-4675

City Council members: Joe Ratcliff, Steve Diamond, Dennis Adkins, Jim Billups, Robert Leslie, Otis Adkins (Mayor), Stanley Fink (Recorder)

Next city council meeting: November 2, 7:30 PM
Town Council Meetings are 1st Monday of the Month, 7:30 pm

There is a video with slightly more at the original link:

Pit Bull Ban Debated in Ceredo

Posted: 10:59 PM Oct 5, 2009
Reporter: Dave Benton
Email Address:

CEREDO, W.Va. (WSAZ) — A current ban of pit bull terriers in Ceredo is up for debate, and even City Council discussed the issue Monday evening.

Some pit bull owners want the law changed in one town where their pooches are now banned. […]

There’s a petition with more than 70 signatures, hoping Council will change the law. […]

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Fort Dodge, IA: Candidates’ positions on possible “pit bull” ban

Previous alert for Fort Dodge:

Next city council meeting: October 12, 6:00 PM, City Council Chambers @ City Hall

Contact information for Fort Dodge:
Municipal Building, 819 1st Avenue South, Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501
Fax 515-573-5751

City Council Members’ Contact Information:

David Flattery, At Large

Richard Inman, At Large

Matt Bemrich, At Large

Curt Olson, Ward 1
H: 573-3551
C: 571-8230

Don Wilson, Ward 2

Cindy Litwiller, Ward 3
Mayor Pro Tem
Litwiller is candidate for mayor and would support breed-specific regulations on “pit bulls,” including special containment, liability insurance, and muzzling.

Dan Payne, Ward 4
Dean of the Council
H: 955-6356
W: 573-4282

Several candidates for the above positions state in this article that they would be in favor of breed-specific regulations for “pit bulls.” Others have said that they would not be in favor of a ban, but did not specify whether they would favor or be against breed-specific laws in general.

Candidates oppose pit bull ban

Mayoral, council hopefuls don’t see need

By BILL SHEA, Messenger staff writer
POSTED: October 4, 2009

[…] But there appears to be no support for a pit bull ban among the candidates for mayor and City Council in this year’s election.

Here, in the second of a series of articles on city issues, those candidates discuss their thoughts on the possibility of a pit bull ban.[…]

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Aberdeen, MS: Concerned Aberdeen residents hope to see a ban on pit bulls

A small (but apparently motivated) group of residents in Aberdeen, Mississippi, is lobbying their city and county officials to ban Pit Bulls.  So far, legislative action has been postponed until an unspecified time in October 2009.

City Contact Info:
THE CITY OF ABERDEEN, 125 W. Commerce St., Aberdeen, Mississippi 39730

Aberdeen City Officials Contact Info:

Mayor Jim Ballard

Ward 1: Alonzo Sykes
1113 Elk Circle, Aberdeen, MS 39730

Ward 2: Cloyd Garth
310 S. James St., Aberdeen, MS 39730

Ward 3: David Ewing
P. O. Box 1095, Aberdeen, MS 39730

Ward 4: Randy Nichols
P. O. Box 1161, Aberdeen, MS 39730

Ward 5: John Allen
1006 W. Commerce St., Aberdeen, MS 39730

Law Office of Robert Faulks, City Attorney
408 Highway 145 North, Aberdeen, MS 39730

Monroe County Officials Contact Info:

Monroe County Board of Supervisors, P. O. Box 578, Aberdeen, MS 39730

District One: RANDLE GRAY
60182 Hatley Detroit Road, Amory, MS 38821

52259 Highway 25 S., Amory, MS 38821

District Three: BRUCE WEST

District Four: FULTON WARE

District Five: SYKES LAGRONE
30015 Central Grove Road, Nettleton, MS 38858

County Attorney John Creekmore
P.O. Box 716, Amory, MS 38821
(662) 256-8208 Phone
(662) 257-0306 Fax

Concerned Aberdeen residents hope to see a ban on pit bulls

October 2, 2009

by Jeff Clark/Monroe Journal

ABERDEEN – Concerned residents in the Meadowlane neighborhood have taken their issue to both city and Monroe County officials – the issue of banning pit bulldogs (American Pit Bull Terriers) in the City of Aberdeen.

[…] Young and his group first approached the Aberdeen Board of Aldermen on the issue during the September 2 meeting. It was tabled until the following meeting. At the September 16 meeting, Young and other once again brought the notion of banning pit bulls in Aberdeen before the board. The board tabled the measure at the request of city attorney Robert Faulks until October.

[…] Monroe County Board of Supervisors President Randle Gray said the county would also have board attorney John Creekmore address the issue.[…]

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Holland Twp., NJ: Wolf-dog ban passes first vote in Holland Township [BSL]

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This part is interesting — “Because it has not been proven that rabies vaccine works on wolf-dogs, they cannot be licensed.” The comments (at the link below) from the dog owner’s neighbors are generally supportive of the owner — one admits to accidentally breaching the fence with farming equipment, and another is more concerned about night-time howling than any genuine safety issue.

Wolf-dog ban passes first vote in Holland Township

by John Monteith/Hunterdon County Democrat

Wednesday September 02, 2009, 12:00 PM

HOLLAND TWP. — A proposed ordinance “states clearly that the dogs have got to go,” said Committeeman Robert Peabody at a packed-house meeting of the Township Committee last night. […]

The ordinance, which was introduced last night, says no one can keep a dog that cannot be licensed. Because it has not been proven that rabies vaccine works on wolf-dogs, they cannot be licensed.[…]

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Salina, KS: Dog’s DNA saves its life

The video (at the link below) has a little more detail. Note that DNA evidence is not admissable in all jurisdictions that have BSL.

Dog’s DNA saves its life

Last Update: 9/01/2009 6:21 pm

SALINA, Kansas – What happens when you have a dog but nobody seems to know its breed and that dog resembles a pit bull in a city where pit bulls are illegal? […] “It is just our procedure, if it’s a pit bull or looks just like a pit bull, if noone’s claimed it, then they are euthanized,” said Rose Base, Salina Animal Shelter coordinator.

[…] “Everyone was wrong including me,” Cartwright said. “She wasn’t just lab and pit bull. She wasn’t even a Lab. She was like a Heinz 57.”

[…] “I wonder how many dogs passed away because the owners did not know about DNA,” Cartwright said.[…]

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Hutchinson, KS: Hutch won’t ban pit bulls [BSL Defeated]

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It’s so nice to see politicians behaving rationally.  My favorite part is, “once council members studied the facts…”

Previous alert from Aug. 2, 2009: “Incident Prompts Call for Ban on Pit Bulls

Hutch won’t ban pit bulls

Last Update: 9/01/2009 5:29 pm

HUTCHINSON, Kansas – City leaders in Hutchinson won’t bother passing a proposed pit bull ban, saying their vicious dogs laws already have enough bite.

[…] The council decided it would be unfair to target pit bulls. For example, out of the 229 bites on record in Hutchinson since 2005, 32 were committed by Labradors. That’s nearly 15 percent.

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Denmark: Dog cull proposal provokes outrage

Prior posts about Denmark:

In Brief: Dog cull proposal provokes outrage

Saturday August 22 2009

A proposal in Denmark to cull all mongrel dogs has provoked a furious response from owners, animal welfare groups and MPs.

Denmark is considering a new law that would ban aggressive breeds, such as pit bulls and mastiffs, but an MP has gone one step further and suggested that all cross-breeds be killed. Flemming Moller, from the governing Liberal Party, is steadfast in his calls for a mass slaughter. “We will surely see lots of press photos of sweet puppies being put down but we must be determined,” he said.[…]

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