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Tennessee: A bill to control vicious dogs, aimed at criminals

This non-breed-specific bill is HB 0238/SB 0555.

Trying to Take a Bite Out of Crime via Felons’ Dogs

Published: May 14, 2010


A bill awaiting Gov. Phil Bredesen’s signature would bar felons convicted of violent or drug-related crimes from keeping “potentially vicious” dogs for 10 years after being released from prison or probation. […] The Tennessee proposal, modeled on a 2006 law in Illinois that was the first of its kind, focuses just on felons and also avoids naming breeds.

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Dead Dogs: Breed bans, euthanasia, and preemptive justice

This is a powerful and thought-provoking article from the Boston Review about “pit bulls,” prejudice, breed bans, dog law, euthanasia, “humane” societies and animal control, dog fighting, and thinly veiled racism.

Brief excerpt below. Visit the link to read the whole article.

Dead Dogs: Breed bans, euthanasia, and preemptive justice

Colin Dayan

…The seizures, detentions, and exterminations of pit bulls—sanctioned by laws in many states—expose the statutory logic for making preemptive justice constitutionally permissible: canine profiling supplies the terms for inclusion and ostracism, and even the suspension of due process rights. No criminal conviction of the owner is required for state seizure and destruction of property. In other words, the Constitution’s Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, which prohibit the government from depriving anyone of “life, liberty, or property, without due process of law,” can be suspended for the public good without evidence, without trial, by classification alone.

In legal rationales, realities are created. Old inequalities and radical discrimination are repackaged in unexpected forms. In breed-specific legislation, the taint and incapacity of the disenfranchised live on. At a time when our government is labeling certain persons as threats—alleged terrorists, enemy aliens, illegal immigrants, ordinary people who want to get on airplanes—we need to ask how the seizure and destruction of dogs deemed contraband becomes a medium for the intimidation and debasement of humans in turn. Who should suffer deprivation without redress so that we can live in reasonable—safe and secure—consensus? And who gets to decide?…

London, England, UK: City Hall summit over rise in ‘weapon dogs’ on London streets (whispers of BSL)

The London deputy mayor has suggested adding breeds to the current ban.

Previous alert for London:

City Hall summit over rise in ‘weapon dogs’ on London streets

Deputy mayor meets Met police and RSPCA as more than 700 dangerous dogs seized

Adam Gabbatt
Monday 9 November 2009 13.42 GMT

A summit aimed at tackling the increasing number of “weapon dogs” in London was held at City Hall today.

The number of suspected dangerous dogs seized by the Metropolitan police rose by 60% in the last year, while court cases involving dangerous dog offences rose by 50% between 2006 and 2007. In the last five years, London’s hospitals have seen admissions for dog bites increase by 79% , compared to 43% nationally.

[…] But [London deputy mayor Kit] Malthouse’s campaign has been criticised as “increasing the appeal” of the very canines he is trying to crack down on.

Ryan O’Meara, editor of K9 magazine said that by branding breeds “weapon dogs” the deputy mayor was “creating a demand” for the very dogs he was trying to restrict.[…]

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Denver, CO: Excellent article examining pit bull ban

There is an excellent article in Denver Westword News about the Denver breed ban. It is too lengthy to reprint here. Please follow the link; it is well worth the read.

For two decades, pit bulls have been public enemy #1 in Denver. But maybe it’s time for a recount.

A photo tour of Denver’s “pit bull death row” accompanies the article.

Inside Denver’s “Pit Bull Row”