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Eastpointe, MI: Whispers of BSL

Update 9/21/09: The proposed revisions to the animal control ordinance are not breed-specific. The proposed ordinance can be viewed here: (Starts at page 220)

In keeping with site policy not to post dog attack articles (which are filled with emotion and sensation rather than useful information), I have elided a good portion of this particular article. Only the relevant text remains.

The city’s investigation into BSL is in response to the death-by-dog (alleged “pit bull” or “pit bull mix”) of an infant in Eastpointe. The family is trying to get the heat off them by claiming the breed is “sent by the Devil” and urging people to get rid of their pit bulls.

Eastpointe current dangerous dog ordinance:$fn=altmain-nf.htm$3.0#JD_610.11

Eastpointe city councilmembers contact information:

In keeping with the seriousness of the situation, please keep correspondence relevant, polite, and informative. Eastpointe intends to analyze their dog laws; they need to be guided away from BSL and toward safer alternatives that would actually improve public safety.

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Eastpointe officials already are taking action. They’re asking police to compile statistics and dog complaints and plan to review the city’s ordinance for dangerous and vicious dogs at the next City Council meeting….

Eastpointe Mayor Suzanne Pixley said the incident is believed to be the first of its kind for the city that already has “tough rules” for pet owners….

Eastpointe is among at least a half a dozen Metro Detroit communities to consider, pass or revise animal ordinances in recent years.Farmington Hills, Southfield, Allen Park, Redford Township and Wyandotte have either evaluated policies singling out so-called “bully breeds” or beefed up rules for owners of dogs deemed “dangerous.”

In Waterford Township, Melvindale, Grosse Pointe Woods and Ecorse, “bully breeds” are prohibited. Others, like Dearborn Heights and Westland, have passed laws regulating pit bulls.

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