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Niles Township, MI: Town considers ordinance that prohibits breed discrimination

**Not to be confused with Niles, MI**

Update 9/20/11: The ordinance was passed with some changes. I have not confirmed whether the prohibition against breed discrimination remains intact; but I have not read anything that suggests it was removed.

Niles Township, MI, is considering a new animal control ordinance after a loose dog attacked a cat and another dog. While such incidents, when committed by certain types of dogs, usually inspire breed-specific ordinances, the draft ordinance currently being worked on in Niles Township says just the opposite.

The current draft reads: “No animal shall be found to be a dangerous animal solely because it is a particular breed.”

This is currently a draft. The township board supervisor advises that the draft is undergoing changes; he hopes to have a final draft ready for a first reading at the August 15 township board meeting.

Please write the Township and show your support for breed-neutral language. Encourage them to keep this prohibition against breed discrimination!

Contact info for Niles Township
Jim Kidwell, Supervisor,
Marge Durm-Hiatt, Clerk,
Jim Ringler,
Richard Noble,
Richard Cooper,
August Kuehn,
Gary Conover,

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Thanks to Regina for the heads up!

Fulton, MO: Proposed ordinance is not BSL

During a city council meeting in March, council discussed possible revisions to Fulton’s animal control ordinance. The possibility of BSL was raised at that time, and the council formed an animal control ordinance committee.

After months of meetings, the ordinance committee has presented their proposal, and it is not breed-specific.

You may read the draft proposal here:


The animal control committee will be holding community forums in July for locals and residents to ask questions and provide feedback about the proposal. You can find the dates, times, and places for these forums in the Fulton Sun:

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Madison, SD: City commission to discuss breed-neutral vicious dog ordinance, May 23

Madison, SD appears to be moving away from a proposed breed-specific law after receiving negative feedback from the public.

The revised proposal will be presented at the next council meeting, May 23, at 5:30 PM, Commission Room, City Hall, 116 W Center Street, Madison, SD 57042. It does not appear to be breed-specific. Residents and locals, please attend the council meeting and show your support for a breed-neutral vicious dog ordinance!

Agenda page.
Contact page for city commissioners.

Please thank the city commissioners for moving toward a breed-neutral solution:

Gene Hexom,
Scott Delzer,
Dick Ericsson,
Karen Lembcke,
Nicholas Abraham,

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Nevada AB324 would prohibit BSL

Update 4/26/11: This bill passed committee in time, but did not pass the originating house (Assembly) by the deadline, and is now dead.

Nevada AB 324 would, among other things, prohibit municipalities from declaring dogs dangerous based on breed.

The relevant portion of the bill is reproduced below.

13. A dog must not be deemed dangerous or vicious based solely on the breed of the dog.

14. A local authority shall not adopt or enforce an ordinance or regulation that deems a dog dangerous or vicious based solely on the breed of the dog.

AB324 was introduced on March 21 and sent to the Committee on Judiciary. It had a hearing on April 7, but no action was taken on that day.

AB324 may be tracked here:

Bill sponsor: John Hambrick,
Contact information for Committee on Judiciary:

The legislature website provides a page where Nevada residents can leave their opinion about any particular bill. Visit this page to submit your opinion on AB324:

Waxhaw, NC: Animal ordinance revisions will not be breed-specific

At this time, it appears that Waxhaw has decided against BSL in the revisions of their animal control ordinance.

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Waxhaw discusses changes to animal control ordinance

by Lacey Hampton, Enquirer Journal

Waxhaw Police Chief Michael Eiss presented Waxhaw commissioners with proposed text amendments to the town’s animal control ordinance Tuesday night.

[…] Animal ordinances from other towns and the town’s current ordinance were looked at during the creation of the proposed amendments, he said.

“We chose not to be breed specific just because of the fact that municipalities that have done that are being tied up with litigation,” he said.[…]

Full article retrieved 3/23/11 from

Aberdeen, SD reminder: Breed-specific amendment may be proposed, March 21

Aberdeen, SD city council will hold a second vote on animal ordinance revisions on March 21. These revisions are currently breed-neutral (NOT breed-specific).

During the last council meeting, Councilmember David Bunsness offered up an amendment that would ban “pit bulls” from Aberdeen. The vote on the amendment was tied, with four councilmembers in support, and four against. Note that one councilmember did not vote (maybe not present).

Bunsness intends to try to pass the amendment again during the ordinance’s second reading (Monday, March 21). He only needs one more councilmember’s support to tip the balance in favor of BSL.

Residents of Aberdeen are encouraged to attend the council meeting and show your opposition to Bunsness’s breed-specific amendment.

Next city council meeting: Monday, March 21, at 5:30 PM at 123 South Lincoln Street, Aberdeen, SD 57401.

Contact info for city officials:
Mayor Mike J. Levsen,  (Voted for ban)
Phone: (605) 626-7025
Jim Kraft,  (Voted against ban)
Jeff Mitchell,  (Voted against ban)
Todd Campbell,  (No vote)
Jennifer Slaight-Hansen,  (Voted against ban)
Clint Rux, (Voted against ban)
Laure Swanson,  (Voted for ban)
Tom Agnitsch,  (Voted for ban)
David Bunsness,  (Proposed ban)

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Idaho S1143 would prohibit municipalities from passing BSL

Edit 5/1/11: This bill did not pass the House before the legislative session adjourned; now dead.

Idaho S1143 would, among other things, prohibit municipalities from defining dogs as vicious or dangerous based on their breed.*

Excerpt from S1143:

25-2814. LOCAL REGULATION. The provisions of this chapter shall establish as state law minimum standards and requirements for the control of dogs and to provide for certain state crimes for violations of such minimum standards and requirements. Provided however, this chapter shall not supersede or invalidate existing ordinances of local governments or prohibit local governments from adopting and enforcing ordinances that provide for more restrictive control of dogs, including more restrictive definitions of a dangerous or vicious dog, provided such definitions are not specific to one (1) or several breeds of dogs.

*S1143 does a lot more than this, so it is recommended that you read through the entire bill before determining whether to support or oppose it.

Idaho S1143 may be read and tracked here: