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White Rock, BC Canada – BSL Discussed

Residents of White Rock anticipated a lengthy discussion of a potential proposal for banning pit bulls after a 4-year old girl was attacked by a pit bull last month.

The motion up for discussion instead recognized aggressive dogs as a concern for the community, admitting that the possibility of a breed-based dog ban in White Rock was unlikely.

Prior to the meeting, the Council Agenda reflected the staff recommendation that a letter be issued to the provincial government requesting it look at the potential of dangerous dog breed bans.

White Rock officials concerns center around the resources necessary to deal with the matter, recognizing the potential impact such ban(s) would have on current resources and feared the need to limit other services would be the end result.

“Municipal Bylaws are structured to handle nuisance dogs, aggressive dogs and dangerous dogs and it is difficult for a municipality to ban or take action against a certain breed of dog because of their crossbreed and different variants that are possible,” staff shared in the recommendation.

Maple Ridge, BC, Canada: BSL proposed

Proposed Maple Ridge bylaw to single out pit bulls

By Robert Mangelsdorf – Maple Ridge News

Published: July 17, 2012 4:00 PM

District of Maple Ridge staff are recommending a new dog bylaw that singles out pit bulls as “aggressive” and would charge their owners a licensing fee four times that of other breeds.

The fee would apply to pit bull terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, American pit bull terriers, or a cross of any of the breeds.

Pit bull owners would be required to pay a $200 “aggressive dog” licensing fee annually, and require their dog to be muzzled when off the owner’s property. Pit bulls would also be subject to higher impound fees. […]

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Please send your RESPECTFUL correspondence to city council in opposition to a breed-specific bylaw. Please also include viable breed-neutral alternatives.

Contact info for Maple Ridge:
Mayor and Council, District of Maple Ridge, 11995 Haney Place, Maple Ridge, B.C. V2X 6A9
Tel: 604-463-5221
Fax: 604-467-7329
Council meeting dates and agendas:
To speak at the next council meeting, read the info on this page:

East Coast bike relay event to protest BSL, Aug 29–Sept 2

Bless the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue & Education and Southern Ontario Animal Rescue (SOAR) invite you to take part in a unique effort to bring awareness to breed specific legislation, rescue, and responsible dog ownership.

Bikers and Bullys Without Borders” is a bike ride from Miami, Florida to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and is an effort to demonstrate a united stance against BSL. Just as BSL has no borders, the effort to stop it knows no borders, as well.

The ride is taking place from August 29 to September 2, 2012. It starts in Miami, FL and goes up the east coast finishing in Toronto, Canada.

We are dedicating the ride to Lennox and the Barnes family, the people who loved and fought to save his life. After a two year battle, Lennox was killed last week by the Belfast, Ireland council simply because he looked like a “pit bull.” We are having a stuffed Lennox made, and along each stop on the route, he will be handed off to the next group of riders, along with any notes of condolence and support to the Barnes family. After the ride, both the stuffed Lennox and all the cards and letters will be sent to the Barnes family to show that although we are separated by thousands of miles, we stand united with them in their fight, and we all mourn the death of an innocent animal.

You don’t need to be part of an animal welfare organization to take part in the ride…you only need to have a desire to see BSL come to an end so that no dog and no family ever face the heartbreak and anguish of breed specific legislation again.

SOAR is organizing the troops for a vote on the Ontario pit bull ban in September, and using the bike rally as a fundraiser for their efforts to end BSL there. However, those taking parts in the states can simply use the ride to bring awareness to the fight against BSL, and to promote rescue and responsible dog ownership.

We need every leg of the ride filled – even if its just one bike – so that Lennox and our messages to the family can make it to Canada. Please consider taking part in this very special event, and share this with your friends and bike clubs who may be interested in taking part. Just like the effort to stop BSL, we really need YOU to make this happen!

More information on the ride can be found at the SOAR website, or you can contact me at The route for the ride can be found here.

Burnaby, BC, Canada: Residents ask for repeal of BSL

Burnaby, BC, is revamping its animal control ordinance. Residents and advocacy groups have asked city officials to repeal its BSL.

Residents, contact city officials and show your respectful support not only for the repeal of BSL but also for a new ordinance that will improve public safety and encourage humane treatment of pets:
City Hall, 4949 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5G 1M2
City Clerk Anne Skipsey,
Fax: 604-294-7537
Burnaby City Council:;;;;;;;;

On June 11, advocates intend to approach Burnaby and New Westminster officials on this issue. It’s a great time to get involved if you live in the area.
Facebook page for Burnaby advocates:
Facebook page for New Westminster advocates:
Facebook page for HugABull, the major group leading the charge:

Pit bull owners push for changes


[…] The City of Burnaby is revamping its animal control bylaw, and some local dog owners want to see the breed-specific part of the bylaw dropped.

Burnaby’s bylaw from 1991 states that a vicious dog is defined as one that has attacked a person or animal without provocation, or “a Staffordshire bull terrier, an American pit bull terrier and any dog generally recognized as a pit bull or pit bull terrier and includes a dog of mixed breed with predominant pit bull or pit bull terrier characteristics.”

Under the bylaw, dogs defined as vicious must be muzzled in public and be kept confined when on the owner’s premises.

[…] Other Lower Mainland municipalities have either gotten rid of breed-specific bylaws or are in the process of revamping their animal control bylaws. Coquitlam got rid of the breed-specific wording in its bylaw last October.

[…]The city is still in the early stages of examining the bylaw, according to Layng, and has been in touch with the B.C. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals regarding possible changes.

“They have a model bylaw that we’re looking at and seeing how we want ours to look compared to that,” he said.

There will likely be consultation with the public over any changes that would affect residents of Burnaby, he added, before it gets forwarded to council. […]

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Winnipeg, MB, Canada: City will not repeal breed ban

Contact information for Winnipeg City Hall:
City Hall, Council Building, 510 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1B9
Contact page for Councillors:

Facebook group to repeal the ban:

City won’t lift ban on pit bulls

By: Jen Skerritt
Posted: 1:00 AM

WINNIPEG’S ban on pit bulls is here to stay as officials worry lifting it could cause more overcrowding in city animal shelters.

Last year, animal advocates urged the city to consider repealing the pit-bull ban as part of its wider review of responsible pet ownership. […]

Winnipeg’s revamped pet-ownership bylaw will not be made public until fall, but on Monday, animal services chief operating officer Leland Gordon said the department does not support repealing the ban. […]

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Wagmatcook, NS, Canada: Whispers of BSL

Back in January, Wagmatcook First Nation reserve band council had a “pit bull” ban on their agenda. That effort did not succeed, but after a recent dog bite(involving a dog that was tethered), some in the community are apparently calling for a breed ban again.

Wagmatcook First Nation is a reserve. This is all the contact information I have.

Council of Wagmatcook Band, P.O. Box 30001, Wagmatcook, NS B0E 3N0
Chief Norman Bernard, Wagmatcook First Nation
Tribal Council: Union of Nova Scotia Indians, P.O. Box 237 Baddeck, NS B0E 1B0
Phone: (902) 295-2598
Fax: (902) 295-3398

Pit bull attacks Cape Breton woman

New calls to ban the breed on Wagmatcook reserve

CBC News Posted: May 18, 2012 7:47 PM AT

[…] The January attack sparked calls for a ban on pit bulls on the reserve. Peck seconded that call, adding there are a lot of them in the community.

“They should ban the dogs around here, because the owners are making them more aggressive. They’re already aggressive anyway,” she said. […]

Full article retrieved 5/20/12 from

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Ontario, Canada: Final committee hearing on Bill 16, May 9

Bill 16, which would repeal the breed ban in Ontario, will have a final hearing in the Standing Committee of Regulations and Private Bills on May 9 at 9:00 AM.

If the bill passes the committee, it will be ready for a third reading in the full Ontario Legislative Assembly—but the majority party has to call it for a third reading, and it’s not clear if that will happen.

There should be a live webcast on May 9, starting at 9:00 am, if you want to follow the clause-by-clause voting on Bill 16:

You can read the transcripts from the previous committee hearings here:

(April 25)

(April 18)

All alerts for Ontario Bill 16: