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Lansing, MI – Mayor Considers Pit Bulls and Vicious Dogs A Problem

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero is asking City Council to adopt a vicious dog ordinance.  According to Bernero, his office has received numerous phone calls and emails from citizens who are “living in fear” because loose dogs are wreaking havoc in neighborhoods.

According to Lansing Police Chief, Teresa Szymanski, “Officers had to deal with issues related to pit bulls more this summer than previous years.”

Bernero will request that the Council adopt an ordinance that will hold an owner accountable when someone is attacked.  Dogs with a history of being aggressive or violent will be especially targeted.

Bernero expects the ordinance to include fencing and insurance requirements.

“There is no evidence that the issue is going away,” he said.  “This is a dialog whose time has come.  Hopefully, the Council will take it up.”

Details of whether the ordinance will be breed-specific have not been released, but Bernero said “It’s not something that will happen immediately.”

Kingsford Michigan – BSL Exception

John Ketola requires a service animal, unfortunately for John, his dog is 25% Staffordshire Terrier.  According to the city of Kingsford’s 1987 ordinance banning all pit bulls, including mixed or partial breeds, that’s a problem.

Mr. Ketola petitioned the Council for exception based on the unique issue relative to information submitted to City Attorney, Bruce Brouillette.  Brouillette examined the federal statute then issued a recommendation to Council to approve the exception for Ketola’s service dog.

Council agreed at Monday evenings public meeting, however they attached severe limitations and requirements for Mr. Ketola, such as requiring the service dog be securely confined within the Ketola home or in a secure outdoor enclosure with sides, top and permanent bottom and that such enclosure be secured to prevent a minor from entering on his or her own accord.  Also when Mr. Ketola has his service dog in public, the dog must be leashed ona harness and under the direct control of Mr. Ketola.

Related to the Kingsford ban, city resident Mark Wiederrecht provided information countering the ban’s constitutionality and argued it is unnecessary as the city has general ordinances dealing with vicious and dangerous dogs.  Several citizens spoke publicly at the last nights meeting opposing the continuation of the 25 year old ban.

However, City Attorney Brouillette contends the ban is constitutional and valid. Council members continue to raise safety issues and Mayor Michael Flaminio said the committee that was formed in June recommended to make no changes to the ban, but they continue to look at the issue.

Please send your POLITE, RESPECTFUL and INFORMATIVE correspondence to officials in Kingsford at:

Mayor/Councilman Michael Flaminio

Mayor Pro-tem/Councilman Dennis Baldinelli

Councilwoman Cynthia Dixon-Miller

Councilman Jeff Pearson

Councilman Brian Smeester

All other officials can be contacted with general correspondence directed to:
Phone – 906-774-3526
Email –

Allen Park, MI: Breed ban repealed

Allen Park, MI, has repealed their breed ban. The ban passed in 2008.

ALLEN PARK: City Council repeals pit bull ordinance

Published: Friday, June 29, 2012
By Dave Herndon

ALLEN PARK — Pit bulls can legally put their paws on the pavement, or anywhere else dogs are allowed in the city after the City Council unanimously repealed an ordinance that had outlawed them. […]

The reason for the repeal wasn’t altruistic, however.  […]

Due to joining the shelter, all five cities must have the same animal control ordinances for the ease of the officers who will enforce the rules. […]

City Attorney Chris Forsyth told the council the ordinance was redundant due to a vicious animal ordinance already in place. […]

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Kingsford, MI: Council decides to keep breed ban

Kingsford, MI, city council voted last night to keep the city’s “pit bull” ban, despite residents’ efforts to repeal it.

The below article is interesting to read for the reasons that city officials gave for supporting the ban. None of the reasons really made sense, and should have been easily refuted. Click the article link to read the full article.

Contact information for city of Kingsford: City of Kingsford, 305 South Carpenter Avenue, Kingsford, MI 49802 (906) 774-3526
Public Safety Director Tim Gussert:

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Kingsford says no to pit bulls

Ban continues

June 19, 2012
By JIM ANDERSON – News Editor , The Daily News

KINGSFORD – Kingsford’s longstanding ban on pit bulls will remain in effect, the city council decided Monday.

Council members accepted a committee recommendation to make no changes in a 1987 ordinance that sets out provisions for the seizure, impoundment and euthanization of pit bull terriers if owners fail to remove them as ordered. […]

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Taylor, MI: Residents push for BSL

Some residents of Taylor, MI, are asking the city to pass BSL or a breed ban.

The news article below hints that this may be a more news media-driven issue than anything, especially when the news outlet says “Online, two posts on The News-Herald Newspapers’ Facebook page netted 86 comments as of Friday…” Yes, folks, the news media is counting, and they know that controversy drives traffic, which drives advertising revenue. Expect them to keep stirring the pot.

Residents and locals, please respectfully and calmly contact the city council and let them know that you would not support any breed-specific measures.
Contact info for city council:
23555 Goddard Road, Taylor, MI 48180
Phone: (734) 374-1320
Fax: (734) 374-1305;;;;;;

TAYLOR: Pit bull attack sparks debate over safety of the breed

Published: Friday, June 08, 2012
By David Komer

TAYLOR — [… Taylor resident Elizabeth] Smith has since requested toughening city ordinances, such as requiring registration or muzzles for specific breeds like pit bulls.

[…] “People need to know they are bred for one thing,” [Taylor resident Mark] Gersky said. “(Killing) is in their blood.” […]

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Kingsford, MI: Residents rally against breed ban

This week, Kingsford residents held a rally to continue to call for repeal of the city’s breed ban, but there is concern that city officials really aren’t interested in repeal.

Pit bull owners rally against ordinance

Posted: 06.07.2012 at 4:52 AM

IRON MOUNTAIN — […] The pit bull owners hope their rally will encourage other residents to support lifting the ban. The Kingsford City Council is reviewing the ordinance, but no decisions have been made.

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One resident who attended the last meeting has advised us that the council is not really interested in repeal, and that the repeal proposal may ultimately be buried in committee unless more people show up at the council meetings to put pressure on the council.

Residents and locals, please show your support for the repeal of Kingsford’s breed ban.

Contact information for city of Kingsford:
City of Kingsford, 305 South Carpenter Avenue, Kingsford, MI 49802
(906) 774-3526
Public Safety Director Tim Gussert:

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Mount Clemens, MI: BSL repeal fails to pass

The proposal to repeal BSL in Mount Clemens did not pass last night after the city commissioners’ vote resulted in a tie, 3-3. Commissioner Dreger, Commissioner Campbell, and Mayor Dempsey voted against repeal. (Dreger and Dempsey were previously reported to oppose repeal–see for more.)

The commissioners had previously voted 5-1 in favor of repealing BSL, so it was not expected to fail. At least two commissioners have said that they intend to resubmit the proposal.

For the time being, the city’s BSL remains in effect. Read the current ordinance here:

Please contact Mount Clemens officials, respectfully express your disappointment, and respectfully encourage them to reconsider:;;;;;;

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Thanks to Dave for the update from Mount Clemens.