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Waterford Township, MI: Group working to repeal BSL

Waterford woman working to change township pit bull ban

Published: Friday, December 16, 2011

When Mary Dunham received a ticket from Waterford Township for having a pit bull in mid-October, she felt like a victim. […]

A $170 DNA test on 6-year-old Keane that came back three weeks later showed him to be a Labrador-boxer mix.

[…] That incident has spurred her to try and change the township’s pit bull ban and create the Oakland County Dog Ownership Group and Specialists (ODOGS) support group.

Dunham, along with 10 supporters, have been meeting to discuss alternate ideas for Waterford.

“We’re pushing to get responsible pet ownership in place of the pit bull ban,” she said. […]


People who wish to learn more can email the ODOGS group at

The Facebook page can be found at

Full article and video can be found here:

Contact info for city officials
Waterford Board of Trustees, 5200 Civic Center Drive, Waterford, MI  48329
Online contact form:
City Clerk Kari Vlaeminck, (248) 674-6266
Fax (248) 674-5466

Hazel Park, MI: New “pit bulls” banned

Hazel Park has had BSL for “pit bulls” for years. They have now passed an amendment that bans any new “pit bulls” from the city. Current “pit bulls” can stay, but only if they are registered with the city by Feb 1, 2012 (and of course, subject to the breed restrictions already in place).

Contact info for Hazel Park:
City Hall, 111 East Nine Mile Road, Hazel Park, Michigan 48030
Telephone (248) 546-4064
City clerk email:

Hazel Park bans pit bulls

Exceptions for those already licensed or in vet/shelter care

By Andy Kozlowski, C & G Staff Writer
December 16, 2011

HAZEL PARK — As of Feb. 1, 2012, new pit bulls will be banned from Hazel Park.

Unless they are already licensed with the City Clerk’s office by that date, or are with a qualified shelter, rescue or vet, it will be illegal to “own, possess, keep, exercise control over, maintain, harbor, transport or sell within the city any pit bull,” reads an animal control amendment passed by City Council last month. […]

Those who want to keep the pit bull they currently have need to make sure it’s registered with the City Clerk’s office by Feb. 1. They must apply for and receive an annual pit bull license before that time, and follow all safety regulations, such as keeping the dog in an enclosure with 6-foot fences and muzzling/leashing the dog while out walking. […]

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Ionia, MI: Council proposes breed ban

Ionia, MI, city council is discussing a proposed ordinance that would ban “pit bulls.” A public hearing on the proposed ordinance is scheduled for Jan 3, 2012.

Locals and residents are encouraged to share with city officials their opposition to the proposal, to provide reasonable breed-neutral alternatives, and to attend the public hearing on Jan 3. Please keep your correspondence respectful and helpful.

City Hall, 114 N. Kidd St., Ionia, MI 48846
Ph: (616) 527-4170 x 213
Fax: (616) 527-0810
City Clerk Lynn Lafler,
City Manager Jason Eppler,
Mayor Daniel A. Balice,

City official e-mail block:;;;;;;;;;;

City Council: Proposed ordinance would ban pit bulls in Ionia

By Jon Szerlag
The Ionia Sentinel-Standard
Posted Dec 06, 2011 @ 11:09 PM
Last update Dec 07, 2011 @ 12:41 AM

IONIA, Mich. — […] The ordinance went through first reading by a 5-3 vote, with council members John Milewski, Gordon Kelley and Brenda Cowling Cronk opposing. Council member Matt Johnson was not present at the meeting.[…]

The proposed ordinance would put a ban on pit bull terriers, but allow for current, legally licensed pit bulls to be grandfathered in. Also in the ordinance, it states that after the ordinance is in affect, pit bull owners would have 30 days to license their pet for it to be grandfathered in. […]

Council members asked for more information with the statistics of pit bulls, and will schedule a public hearing on the proposed ordinance at the next meeting, Jan. 3.

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Burton, MI: City may consider BSL

Burton, MI, will be examining Saginaw’s breed-discriminatory ordinance as it decides whether its own ordinance needs to be changed. Saginaw’s ordinance currently restricts ownership of “pit bulls,” Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Bull Mastiffs, and Presa Canarios.

Burton’s current animal ordinances include a leash law and some general prohibitions against cruelty, but not much else. Residents and locals are encouraged to speak to city officials about the many problems with breed-discriminatory laws, and offer effective breed-neutral solutions instead.

Contact info for Burton city officials
City Hall, 4303 S. Center Road, Burton, MI 48519
Contact form for Mayor:
*If a local is able to track this issue, StopBSL would appreciate updates.*

Burton to look at strengthening its dog ordinance after recent incidents in city

Published: Wednesday, October 26, 2011, 3:50 PM
By Roberto Acosta | Flint Journal

BURTON, Michigan — Some dog breeds could be in the doghouse in Burton soon as city leaders look at ways to strengthen its dog ordinance after incidents of attacks and threats by dogs.

City Attorney Richard Austin said he will review Saginaw’s dangerous dog ordinance to see if Burton could formulate an ordinance of its own. […]

Councilman Duane Haskins said any dog can be dangerous, but “pit bulls always seem to have that knack to be unpredictable.”

Full article retrieved 10/31/11 from

Thanks to KC Dog Blog for this tip!

Buchanan, MI update: City decides not to pursue new ordinances

Buchanan, MI city manager Bill Marx says the city has decided not to pursue any new animal ordinances. This decision was made after a public workshop earlier this week where the public and council discussed options regarding dangerous dogs. Buchanan currently has a barking dog ordinance, but no other animal laws. BSL was mentioned in the news after a dog bite incident.

The October 24 council agenda confirms this decision:

A. Consider authorization to the Buchanan Police and Code Enforcement Department’s to prioritize and enforce the Berrien County Ordinance as our response to the recent and reoccurring dog issues

All alerts for Buchanan, MI:

Buchanan, MI reminder: Public workshop to discuss dog laws, Oct 17

Buchanan has a barking dog ordinance, but no other animal laws. During the last city commission meeting, at least one resident requested BSL. The commissioners decided to hold a public workshop on October 17 to consider their options further.

StopBSL would like to suggest that locals and residents in and around Buchanan make an effort to participate in community and commission discussions regarding potential animal ordinances, and to guide those discussions toward effective breed-neutral options.

Buchanan public workshop on animal ordinances: October 17, 6:00 PM, Buchanan City Hall, 302 N. Redbud Trail.

Contact info for city commissioners:
**Please don’t flood these folks with emails opposing breed bans. Instead, politely encourage commissioners to consider breed-neutral ordinances and to avoid breed-specific ones. Please encourage them to do the right thing to protect their residents effectively.**
City Hall, 302 N. Redbud Trail, Buchanan, MI 49107
Carla Cole, Mayor,
Michael A Terrell,
David Hagey
Patricia Moore,
Earl “Joe” Scanlon III, Mayor Pro Tem,
City Manager & Police Chief Bill Marx,

Email block for cut and paste (note not all commissioners have email);;;;

All alerts for Buchanan, MI:

Buchanan residents seek solution to dangerous dogs

STAN MADDUX, South Bend Tribune Correspondent
5:15 p.m. EDT, September 29, 2011

BUCHANAN — Buchanan city commissioners are planning a workshop next month to continue discussion on whether the city needs a dangerous animal ordinance.

Residents packed the commissioners meeting earlier this week in response to pit bull attacks on three residents earlier this month.[…]

The workshop will be at 6 p.m. Oct. 17 at City Hall and the commissioners invited [Berrien County animal control director Val] Grimes to further discuss what can be done locally to address dangerous pets in the city.

Grimes said merely passing an ordinance might not be the answer, explaining enforcement can be too costly, especially in tough economic conditions, and require more manpower than what’s currently available. […]

Full article retrieved 10/1/11 from,0,7046399.story

Wyoming, MI: City manager says city decided against BSL

Wyoming, MI, has decided against BSL, according to a blog post by the city manager. BSL had been suggested by a resident in early July, and the city looked into the issue.

All alerts for Wyoming, MI:

From the City Manager’s blog:

Thursday, September 29, 2011
Pit Bulls
Recently, the Wyoming City Council was approached by several citizens who voiced concerns regarding Pit Bulls in our community. In reviewing these concerns, it has become apparent to Police Chief Carmody and other city staff that the concerns mentioned stem from owner responsibility and not necessarily the breed specifically. […]

During our research, we found that vicious animal laws far exceeded any breed specific eradication laws. We believe enforcement and subsequent costs associated with a breed specific ordinance would not be cost effective based upon the desired result. In addition, we have no support from the county, who provide animal control services, or our neighbors in implementing breed specific prohibition language that would cross municipal borders.

The city council will be considering a refined ordinance in October. The ordinance would place a greater accountability on the dog owner and hopefully will serve as a reminder to owners of their responsibilities in keeping their dogs under control.

Full blog article can be read here: