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Dunn, NC: Breed ban off the table

Dunn city council has decided against a “pit bull” ban proposed by the Dunn police chief. They do intend to examine their current ordinances and see where improvements can be made.

The problems that have been brought up by the police chief sound less like vicious dog problems and much more like issues of neglect, abuse, and irresponsible owners.

Although a breed ban may be off the table in Dunn, the community still has a problem that needs addressing. Residents and locals, please work with the city to create reasonable breed-neutral initiatives to help Dunn become safer, smarter, and more humane.

Online contact form for City of Dunn:
City of Dunn, P.O. Box 1065, Dunn, NC 28335
phone (910) 230-3500
fax (910) 230-3590
City council email block:;;;;;;

News article with more details about the “vicious dog problem” in Dunn:

Dunn, NC: Council will discuss possible breed ban

The police chief in Dunn, NC, has created a proposal that would ban all “pit bulls” from the city. The proposal itself is fairly outrageous, describing pit bulls as “unique among dogs in that they possess character­istics of aggres­sion, strength, gameness, viciousness, preda­ceousness, unpredictability and savageness not possessed by any other breed of dog.” The proposal also claims that leash laws are pointless for pit bulls (says the police chief, “they can break leashes”), and these “killers” cannot be confined except through “fortress-like measures.”

A “pit bull” for the purposes of this proposal would be any dog over 6 months that is “known by the owner to be a pitt [sic] bull terrier” and also specifically names the breeds American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and Bull Terrier. Furthermore, the proposal would be retroactive (no grandfather clause for existing dogs). The proposal states that any “pit bull” caught within the city after the effective date will be killed.

The police chief has apparently gone all-out with his proposal in anticipation of a compromise of some sort from city council—not necessarily a ban, but some kind of BSL for “pit bulls.” According to him, “What I’m hoping they’ll do is pass an ordinance to make them have to be caged with a top inside and floor in the cage and not be out on a leash.” [ED: “Not be out on a leash”…? Is he implying that “pit bulls” should not ever be taken out of their cages, i.e. be treated humanely?]

Dunn city council will discuss the proposal at their retreat this weekend. We do not know where they stand on this issue.

Please contact the city council members and respectfully explain to them why breed-specific laws of any kind, ban or otherwise, are unfair, inhumane, and do not improve public safety. Please also offer reasonable breed-neutral alternatives to address the community’s apparent issues with irresponsible owners.

Online contact form for City of Dunn:
City of Dunn, P.O. Box 1065, Dunn, NC 28335
phone (910) 230-3500
fax (910) 230-3590
City council email block:;;;;;;;

The full news article was printed in the Daily Record. A local kindly scanned the article and typed it up. It is full of excellent information and I strongly recommend that you read the full article to get a sense of the situation in Dunn: petition opposing the Dunn proposal (you can sign this in addition to contacting the city council, but contacting city council directly is the most important step):

Cumberland County, NC: Breed-specific no-adopt policy proposal dropped

We encourage residents and locals in Cumberland County to remain engaged and involved with the Animal Control Board in order to address the problems that prompted this proposal in the first place.

The board’s new suggestion that animal control do a better job of vetting people who want to adopt “bully breeds” is still breed-specific and potentially discriminatory. There’s no reason why more careful vetting of adopters shouldn’t be done for all dogs, regardless of their appearance, to ensure they are all being placed with responsible owners.

Sarge Wolf-Stringer also makes some excellent points about adoption processes that are breed-specific:

When we make dogs like pit bulls “special,” we make them different. Different becomes deviant. Adopters don’t want “deviant” dogs, they want family pets, so those dogs are less likely to get adopted. […] If the issues facing Cumberland County are reckless owners who fail to control/contain/maintain their dogs, then why are they punishing responsible people who want to adopt a shelter dog (chances are, the reckless owners who allow their dogs to behave dangerously did NOT adopt those dogs from shelters in the first place)? […] Here is some info to get started:

No Kill Nation has expressed similar concerns, noting that more restrictive adoption policies are likely to decrease adoptions without actually addressing the irresponsible dog owners that created this problem.

Bully breed proposal dropped; Cumberland board urges better vetting of dog owners

By Gregory Phillips
Staff writer

Faced with a 100-strong crowd who condemned the demonizing of certain dog breeds, the Cumberland County Animal Control Board backed away Monday night from a move to limit adoptions of some breeds from the county shelter.

Instead, the board directed Dr. John Lauby, the animal control director, to look into ways the county can more carefully vet the people who adopt animals from the shelter to ensure they’ll be responsible owners.

[…] After hearing from some 15 speakers, Chairman Cris Berry-Caban moved to amend the board’s recommendation from October to instead suggest that animal control start checking into the suitability of people seeking to adopt so-called “bully breeds” of dogs. […]

Full article retrieved 12/6/11 from

All alerts for Cumberland County:

Cumberland County, NC: Animal control wants to stop adopting out certain breeds

The Cumberland County, NC, Animal Control Board is considering a plan to kill stray “pit bulls,” Rottweilers, Chows, and Presa Canarios, and mixes of these, rather than find these dogs loving new homes. The bizarre logic behind this move seems to be: “No one responsible adopts these breeds anyway, so why even bother to try?”

Cumberland County Animal Control wants to limit adoptions of certain dog breeds

By Nancy McCleary
Staff writer
Published: 03:06 PM, Wed Nov 30, 2011

[…] The board is suggesting that county residents be banned from adopting Rottweilers, American Staffordshire terriers, pit bulls, chow-chows, Presa Canarios or any mix of those breeds, Lauby said.

[…] Since April, Animal Control has taken in nearly 1,300 pit bulls but only 124 have been adopted, Lauby said. The remainder either go to a breed-specific rescue or are euthanized, he said.

It’s the same problem for other “bully breed” dogs, he said.

The shelter has taken in 180 Rottweilers since April and only 26 have been adopted. Fifteen of the 96 chow-chows received at the shelter have been adopted, Lauby said.

Local rescue groups are at their capacity in finding homes, Lauby said, so most of the dogs have been put down. […]

Full article retrieved 11/30/11 from

This proposal is in very early stages, and the public has an opportunity to provide genuinely humane, sensible solutions to the county’s animal control problems. The Animal Control Board will meet again on December 5 at 6:00 PM to discuss the issue, at the Animal Services Department, 4704 Corporation Drive, Fayetteville, NC.

Please be respectful and helpful in your correspondence with officials.

Cumberland County Animal Services Department, Dr. John Lauby, Director, Phone: (910) 321-6851,

If the Animal Control Board approves this proposal, it moves to the Policy Committee, and then to the full Board of Commissioners. We will post that contact information if and when the proposal moves ahead. For the moment, please try to work with the Animal Control Board to find reasonable solutions that don’t involve killing dogs just because they look a certain way.


Waxhaw, NC: Animal ordinance revisions will not be breed-specific

At this time, it appears that Waxhaw has decided against BSL in the revisions of their animal control ordinance.

All alerts for Waxhaw:

Waxhaw discusses changes to animal control ordinance

by Lacey Hampton, Enquirer Journal

Waxhaw Police Chief Michael Eiss presented Waxhaw commissioners with proposed text amendments to the town’s animal control ordinance Tuesday night.

[…] Animal ordinances from other towns and the town’s current ordinance were looked at during the creation of the proposed amendments, he said.

“We chose not to be breed specific just because of the fact that municipalities that have done that are being tied up with litigation,” he said.[…]

Full article retrieved 3/23/11 from

Waxhaw, NC: Council to discuss changes to animal ordinance, March 22

After a fatal dog attack in Waxhaw in January, city officials discussed revisions to their animal control ordinance. Breed-specific legislation or a ban was mentioned by at least one official. However, other officials did not seem supportive of BSL.

During the March 22 council meeting, Waxhaw city council will hear from Chief Eiss of the Waxhaw Police Department regarding changes to the animal ordinance. Residents are encouraged to attend and ensure that suggested changes are reasonable, enforceable, and breed-neutral.

Read more about Waxhaw here:

Waxhaw Board of Commissioners meeting, March 22 at 6:30 PM, at the Museum of the Waxhaws. View the agenda here.

Please be RESPECTFUL in all correspondence to Waxhaw officials. It is unknown at this time whether they are going to propose BSL.

Waxhaw officials contact info
Mayor Daune Gardner, 704-843-2195 ext 27,
Mayor Pro Tem Martin Lane, 704-843-9606,
Commissioner Joyce Blythe, 704-843-2246,
Commissioner Erin Kirkpatrick, 704-843-2195,
Commissioner Phillip Gregory, 704-843-2195,
Commissioner Brett Diller, 704-843-2195,
Town Manager Michael McLaurin, 704-843-2195 ext 25,

Onslow County, NC: Sheriff supports breed ban

To my knowledge, nothing official has been proposed at this time. Residents and locals can take this opportunity to reach out to their local government officials and provide factual information and reasonable non-breed-specific alternatives.

I was unable to find contact information for the animal ordinance committee mentioned in the article.

Email the Onslow County Board of Commissioners:
Email the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office:

Family pet needs to be right fit

February 09, 2011 6:28 AM

[…] Two Piney Green area toddlers were mauled by family dogs in similar, but unrelated incidents in the last week. In both cases, Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown — who said he supports a ban on aggressive dog breeds — said previous owners had given up the dogs for being too aggressive.[…]

Banning breeds

Sheriff Brown said he believes the county should follow the lead of Camp Lejeune and ban aggressive dog breeds.[…]

In October 2009, county commissioners established a committee to research possible changes to animal-related ordinances.[…]

Full article retrieved 2/9/11 from