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East Coast bike relay event to protest BSL, Aug 29–Sept 2

Bless the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue & Education and Southern Ontario Animal Rescue (SOAR) invite you to take part in a unique effort to bring awareness to breed specific legislation, rescue, and responsible dog ownership.

Bikers and Bullys Without Borders” is a bike ride from Miami, Florida to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and is an effort to demonstrate a united stance against BSL. Just as BSL has no borders, the effort to stop it knows no borders, as well.

The ride is taking place from August 29 to September 2, 2012. It starts in Miami, FL and goes up the east coast finishing in Toronto, Canada.

We are dedicating the ride to Lennox and the Barnes family, the people who loved and fought to save his life. After a two year battle, Lennox was killed last week by the Belfast, Ireland council simply because he looked like a “pit bull.” We are having a stuffed Lennox made, and along each stop on the route, he will be handed off to the next group of riders, along with any notes of condolence and support to the Barnes family. After the ride, both the stuffed Lennox and all the cards and letters will be sent to the Barnes family to show that although we are separated by thousands of miles, we stand united with them in their fight, and we all mourn the death of an innocent animal.

You don’t need to be part of an animal welfare organization to take part in the ride…you only need to have a desire to see BSL come to an end so that no dog and no family ever face the heartbreak and anguish of breed specific legislation again.

SOAR is organizing the troops for a vote on the Ontario pit bull ban in September, and using the bike rally as a fundraiser for their efforts to end BSL there. However, those taking parts in the states can simply use the ride to bring awareness to the fight against BSL, and to promote rescue and responsible dog ownership.

We need every leg of the ride filled – even if its just one bike – so that Lennox and our messages to the family can make it to Canada. Please consider taking part in this very special event, and share this with your friends and bike clubs who may be interested in taking part. Just like the effort to stop BSL, we really need YOU to make this happen!

More information on the ride can be found at the SOAR website, or you can contact me at The route for the ride can be found here.

Virginia: HB 281 update: Amendment ruled “not germane”

Virginia HB 281 was amended by the governor to prohibit animal control facilities and humane societies from euthanizing dogs based on their breed.

The Speaker of the House has ruled the amendment “not germane,” meaning not relevant to the bill. Amendments must pass the “germane-ness requirement” to be approved. It is not clear at this time what will happen next, but this ruling suggests the bill will not move forward with the governor’s amendment.

Tracking for HB 281:

Virginia: HB 281 amended to prohibit breed-based shelter euthanasia

HB 281 is almost ready for the governor’s signature. HB 281 summary and tracking page:

McDonnell amends bill on breed-based euthanasia in shelters

Edited by Chris Graham
April 14, 2010 by afp

Gov. Bob McDonnell has amended a bill passed by the General Assembly to insert a prohibition banning breed-based killing of dogs in the Commonwealth.[…]

The Governor’s amendment will add the following language: “No pound may euthanize, or prohibit the adoption of, any dog based solely on breed…”

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