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Bloomer, WI: City replaces breed ban with breed-specific restrictions

Bloomer will now allow some “pit bulls” if the owner can prove he/she meets several restrictive requirements on a yearly basis.

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Bloomer amends law against pit bulls

Posted: 10:12 PM Apr 11, 2012

(WEAU) – […] Bloomer used to have an ordinance banning the dog breed, but that ban was recently amended. The new law would allow pit bulls if the owners could meet several requirements.

The change left Bloomer Police unsure how they should enforce the law, so Wednesday night the city council amended the law again to force owners to show they meet the requirements on a yearly basis. […]

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Bloomer, WI: City amends breed ban

Bloomer, WI, city council has amended their “pit bull” ban to allow “pit bulls” that have been obtained from a humane society AND “approved” (unclear what approved means) by a veterinarian.

It looks like Bloomer council might come back to this issue in the future, to address the breed-specific muzzle requirement. Please respectfully urge Bloomer to repeal their breed-discriminatory restrictions altogether.

City Hall, 1503 Main Street, Bloomer, WI 54724
Phone: 715-568-3032
You can email the city clerk at, and request that she distribute your correspondence to the city council.

Bloomer council makes pit bull exception

By ALICIA YAGER | | Posted: Thursday, March 29, 2012 9:14 am |

A pit bull obtained through a humane society and approved by a veterinarian will be allowed to live in Bloomer, under an amended city ordinance.

The Bloomer City Council voted Wednesday night to amend its current ban on pit bulls, with council member Richard Hofmann voting against.

[…] There was little council discussion on the amendment before it passed, but more questions arose over whether to remove a muzzle requirement for walking a pit bull.

[… Resident] Eric Stone wondered why the city would not make a requirement for all dogs to be muzzled, and not just restrict pit bulls. Council member Jim Koehler agreed, via telephone, and raised the point that other breeds of dog can be aggressive and bite people.

[…] Koehler motioned to remove the muzzle requirement, and he and Meinen voted in favor. However, Hofmann and council member Jeff Steinmetz voted against the change, and Mayor Randy Summerfield broke the tie by voting against. […]

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Fond du Lac, WI update: Breed ban proposal dropped

The public stood up and said “no” to BSL tonight in Fond du Lac. City councilman Rob Vande Zande dropped his proposed breed ban after overwhelming public opposition to the idea.

Most city council members were also opposed to BSL. Please take a moment to thank the city council for standing up against discrimination.
Contact info for city officials (cut and paste):;;;;;;;

If you were one of the many who attending the meeting, wrote the councilmembers, collected petition signatures, and spread the word–then, here’s to you! Congratulations, and thank you, for a job well done.

Great coverage and photos of the meeting from FDL Reporter:

Additional coverage from FOX:

Fond du Lac, WI: Councilman to propose breed ban, Jan 25

City councilman Rob Vande Zande will propose a breed ban at the next city council meeting: Jan 25, 7:00 PM, Legislative Chambers, 160 South Macy Street, City-County Government Center, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

You may also contact city council and express your opposition to breed-discriminatory laws. Please do so RESPECTFULLY. Many councilmembers have responded that they will oppose this proposal. Please keep them on our side.

Contact info for city officials (cut and paste):;;;;;;;

This long news article gives more details of Vande Zande’s proposal. Recommended reading.

Fond du Lac considers ban on pit bulls

‘Dangerous pet’ ordinance in FdL will be topic of discussion at Wednesday’s meeting

10:36 PM, Jan. 21, 2012

City Councilman Rob Vande Zande will discuss his plan Wednesday night for ordinances that would add rules for pit bull owners and prohibit new pit bulls from being licensed. […]

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Fond du Lac, WI: Whispers of BSL

Update 1/21/12: I have confirmed with Councilman Vande Zande that one of the proposals he intends to introduce is a breed ban with a grandfather clause. No new “pit bulls” will be allowed. Current owners of “pit bulls” will face discriminatory restrictions such as: $300K in liability insurance, special containment requirements, muzzle in public. Vande Zande mentioned that he also plans to introduce a breed-neutral ordinance. Please correspond respectfully with all councilmembers, including Vande Zande, to express your opposition to breed-specific laws and your support for reasonable breed-neutral dog laws.

Fond du Lac Humane Society has advised that city councilman Rob Vande Zande may intend to propose a breed ban or BSL at the next city council meeting: Jan 25, 7:00 PM, Legislative Chambers, 160 South Macy Street, City-County Government Center, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Item 10 on the Jan 25 council agenda is:

Councilperson Vande Zande
Subject: Proposed Dangerous Animal Ordinances

HOWEVER, we have no further details on this issue at this time. As it is now the weekend and city offices are closed, I won’t be able to find out more directly from the city council office for several days.

If you live in or around Fond du Lac, please make every effort to attend this council meeting so that we can determine exactly what Councilman Vande Zande is proposing—and so that you can object to a breed ban or BSL if that is indeed what is discussed.

You may also contact city council and express your opposition to breed-discriminatory laws. Please do so RESPECTFULLY, as we do not know exactly what is being proposed, nor where the rest of the council stands on the issue.

Contact info for city officials (cut and paste):;;;;;;;

Many thanks to Cindi at Wisconsin Voters for Companion Animals for passing this on to us!

Niagara, WI: Breed ban fines increased

Niagara Ups Dog Fines

[…] Niagara already has an ordinance prohibiting pit bulls but some residents continue to keep them at their residences. The amendment was adopted in the hope that larger fines will consider residents to reconsider keeping pit bulls or other types of dangerous dogs.

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Maybe city council could be respectfully encouraged to repeal their ineffective breed ban?
City of Niagara, 1029 Roosevelt Road, PO Box 24, Niagara, WI 54151
FAX 715-251-3122

Chippewa Falls, WI: Committee will discuss animal ordinance, Oct 17

Is Chippewa Falls considering BSL, or is it not? In early October, the Leader-Telegram published an article that claimed a “pit bull ordinance” was being discussed by the council. However, StopBSL was later forwarded an email from Councilmember Hicks, the chair of the Public Safety Committee. Hicks stated that BSL was not under consideration by council or committee, and that the committee intends to look at ways to strengthen existing ordinances and hold owners responsible.

The Chippewa Falls Committee on Public Safety will meet on October 17 to discuss the current animal ordinance and possibly make a recommendation to council. Since StopBSL has heard two very different stories about what will be discussed or proposed, we encourage locals and residents to attend the committee meeting and continue to respectfully encourage Chippewa Falls officials to pursue effective breed-neutral measures.

Committee on Public Safety meeting
October 17, 9:00 AM
City Hall Council Chambers, 30 W. Central Street, Chippewa Falls, WI

Mayor Gregory S. Hoffman,
Michael Hanke,
Brian Flynn,
C W King,
Chuck Hull,
Jane Lardahl,
Bill Hicks,
George Adrian,

Email block for cut-and-paste;;;;;;;

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Thanks to Hank for forwarding the councilmember email. Thanks to Gina for the meeting agenda notification.