For the Record

Accuracy and objectivity are important components of most journalism codes of ethics. While facts are a component of accuracy, facts can be misused and misrepresented to create misinformation and untruths. It is unarguably critical that journalists understand how to analyze the facts and information that they gather, so as to avoid unintentionally misleading readers or spreading unfounded rumors or mythology.

The following pages are intended as a guide to assist journalists who are seeking resources or a deeper understanding of BSL and dangerous dogs—emotionally charged issues where solutions do not present themselves in black and white and valid scientific research is extremely limited.

Myths and Facts About Dogs and Dog Bites

Websites and Books With Factual Information On Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Other Commonly Misunderstood Types of Dogs

Scientific Studies—Are They Really Scientific? 

Writing an Unbiased Dog Attack Article