Send an alert to StopBSL

Thank you for helping us track and share BSL alerts! Please fill out this form (link below) so that we can assemble an alert. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for others to get involved.


1. Please confirm that you are contributing new information. Use the Search field in the sidebar of the StopBSL website to see if we have already published an alert. Or, check our tracking spreadsheet.

2. No rumors or hearsay, please! Information gets distorted almost immediately in this day and age. The form will ask you to provide your sources for the alert. Good sources: a news article, meeting agenda or minutes, a clear-cut email from a city official. Not good sources: something your friend said, something you heard at the vet’s office.

3. This form is for BREED-SPECIFIC LEGISLATION ALERTS only. In other words, please do NOT submit: proposals involving weight limits/breeders/pet limits/etc.; proposals that involve private property or landlord/tenant issues (i.e. will not be imposed by a municipality or is not a law); BSL that has been in place for a long time and there are no plans to change or repeal.

Ready? Please fill out this form. Thank you!