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Camp Lejeune, NC: Banned breeds no longer grandfathered

Camp Lejeune, NC, like many other Marine Corps bases, has had a breed ban in base housing for “pit bulls” and Rottweilers since 2009. However, they allowed current base housing residents to grandfather their dogs.

Lejeune has now changed the pet policy. Grandfathered dogs are no longer allowed. All owners of “pit bulls” and Rottweilers must remove their dogs from base housing by September 30. No exceptions.

There’s an ongoing online petition you can sign to ask military officials to standardize military pet policies, including removing base breed bans: http://www.change.org/petitions/standardize-military-pet-policies

New Lejeune pet policy bans specific breeds, aggressive dogs

August 04, 2012 8:55 AM


Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune is changing their pet policy and banning all aggressive dogs and specific dog breeds as of Sept. 30.

Although the Marine Corps banned aggressive dog breeds in 2009, owners who had lived on a Marine Corps base with a restricted dog prior to the ban were allowed to “grandfather in” their dogs and keep them on base but new residents were not allowed to bring the restricted breeds on base when they moved.

Animal Control has recently taken over pet registration aboard Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River, and as a result, they’re enforcing a stricter ban on pit bulls, rottweilers and wolf hybrids.

As of Sept. 30, regardless of when the dog was acquired, all owners of pit bulls, rottweilers and wolf hybrids must either move out in town or give up their dog. […]

Full article retrieved 8/5/12 from http://www.jdnews.com/articles/marine-106859-corps-aggressive.html

U.S. Marines: Two of 85 dogs ousted from base for aggressiveness

Previous info on SC Marine base ban and temperament testing: http://stopbsl.com/?s=marine

Ironically, only 2% of the banned dogs on the base proved, through temperament testing, to actually pose a danger. The other 98% of “aggressive”-type dogs were shown to be safe family pets.

The testing was not performed on non-banned types of dogs. If the goal of the policy is to protect base residents from aggressive dogs, why weren’t the temperament tests done on all residents’ dogs? Why weren’t all aggressive dogs removed from base, and the non-aggressive ones left alone, regardless of their physical appearance?

Contact info for Marine Corps spokesperson
Headquarters Marine Corps 1st Lt. Brian Block
The Pentagon, Arlington, Va.
(703) 614-4309

Two of 85 dogs ousted from South Carolina Marine bases for aggressiveness

October 9, 2009 | 11:26 am

Most of the pit bulls, Rottweilers and canine-wolf mixes assessed at Marine bases in South Carolina this week get to keep their Marine dog tags.

Of 85 dogs from the three breeds checked by experts from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, only two were found to be so aggressive as to pose a danger to Marines and their families. Those two will have to leave base housing. […]

Full article retrieved 10/10/09 from http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/unleashed/2009/10/two-of-85-dogs-ousted-by-aspca-from-south-carolina-marine-bases.html

U.S. Marine Corps: “Pit bulls,” Rottweilers, and wolf hybrids banned from base housing

Although this article is geared toward Beaufort, SC-area residents, the Marine Corps orders apply to all U.S. Marine Corps base housing.

Marine Corps puts certain dog breeds on a short leash when living on base

Published Friday, September 11, 2009

Beaufort Marines have until the end of the month to get the Corps’ permission to keep their Rottweilers and pit bulls on base — and then only for another year.

Without the waiver, they have to give up their dogs or move off base, according to a Marine Corps order last month.[…]

Full article retrieved 9/14/09 from http://www.islandpacket.com/news/local/story/963856.html