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Bonner Springs Kansas lifts pit bull ban

Monday night officials in Bonner Springs Kansas voted to repeal their ban on pit bulls.

Last year a dog named Titan was picked up by the local animal control as being a banned dog.  When the dog was adopted several years ago it was listed as a terrier mix and adopted legally, but when animal control became involved they decided the dog was banned.  Animal control became involved when a neighbor called to complain about the dog.

The owner went to city officials to ask them to reconsider the ban.  In response city officials put together a task force to examine the issue.  The task force recommended repealing the ban.

Earlier this year one council member had said he supported the ban because he was concerned about animal controls ability to handle “large dogs.”

While handling of an animal could be a concern, the nature of animal control should involve training that helps to actively control any animal regardless of size or temperament.

Most of the council were immediately supportive.  Councilmen Jack Knight noted that, “Some of these ordinances go back and a lot of them has to be changed.”

Council President Tom Stephens was also supportive of the change.  He said, while researching the issue, he had found a book, likely the Pit Bull Placebo, that discussed how different breeds have been demonized throughout history.

“Sometimes we get a false sense of security if we look at a breed and say ‘That breed is the problem, so if we make a law banning it, we’ll be O.K.,’” Stephens said back in July of 2013.

This had not been the first time a resident had requested the change, and city officials listened to their constituents, researched the issue and repealed their ban, based on the facts.

The changes to the law will take effect on January 16th.