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New York introduces a bill to prevent insurance discrimination

A bill has been introduced in the New York senate to prevent insurance companies from refusing coverage based on the breed of the persons dog.

SB 2568  “Prohibits insurers issuing policies insuring personal injury and property damage arising out of home ownership or lease, from cancelling or refusing to issue or renew such a policy, or charging increased premiums based upon the harboring of a specific breed of dog on the premises; provides that such provisions shall not apply if the dog harbored has been designated as a dangerous dog pursuant to section 123 of the agriculture and markets law.

Under this bill only a person who’s dog has a designation of dangerous or a history of aggressive behavior could be excluded from coverage.

New York State residents: Reach out to your legislators and ask them to support SB 2568.

Best Friends Animal Society has created a simple form to show support for this bill.  This form can be found here.

If you would like to reach out personally to your legislators the New York state official website has an equally simple contact form that can be found  here.